New DVD releases

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Resident Evil: Extinction"

Genetically enhanced zombie slayer Milla Jovovich gets some new allies in her fight to rid Earth of those pesky undead cadavers with a hankering for human flesh. The third chapter in the action franchise based on the video game sends Jovovich and old pals Oded Fehr and Mike Epps into the Nevada desert, where their new crew of zombie fighters includes Ali Larter and Ashanti.


Jet Li and Jason Statham go fist to fist in this East-meets-West action thriller. Li stars as a shadowy assassin pursued by FBI guy Statham, a lawman overwhelmed by a compulsion for vengeance over the murder of his partner. This cat-and-mouse scenario explodes into full-scale combat as the two opponents are swept up in a war between rival crime gangs.

"Shoot 'Em Up"

Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti have their own cat-and-mouse game to play in this far-over-the-top spectacle that lives up to its title and then some, right from the opening shoot-'em-up scene. Owen stars as a mystery man with a flair for violence and gunplay, who in his first moments on screen saves a pregnant woman from murderous thugs and delivers her baby amid a shootout, then becomes protector to the child for the rest of the movie as a deranged hitman (Giamatti) pursues them. Monica Bellucci is thrown in as the impossibly gorgeous hooker who becomes Owen's ally and a surrogate mom to the little tyke.

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