FanSpeak 2/1/04

Sunday, February 1, 2004

Critique of coverage

I AM an avid, maybe too avid, sports fan from the area. I know the teams that everyone expects to be competitive year in and year out. Saxony Lutheran is not one of those teams. Your coverage of Saxony Lutheran is almost sickening. It was bad enough that I have had to sit through and read write-ups about Notre Dame and Central constantly just to get to the good stuff. These two teams are not contenders for a state title, and neither is Saxony Lutheran. So find yourself a contender. Milk it for all it's worth. A 10-0 record against teams who combined may have five wins is hardly reason to give them the credit you have given them. So get a grip, give them what they deserve. So please, quit making fools of yourselves.

Thoughts on Oran hoops

I WOULD like to say that I am a supporter of Oran High School basketball. Being around for many years with no children playing of my own, I am having a hard time watching them having a bad season when they have all of the ability to be winning teams. Also, I would like to say congratulations to the girls for a fine job done on winning the JV conference. And I look forward on watching more wins to come.

Standing up for Central

IN TODAY'S newspaper (Jan. 26), it was announced that three Cape Central basketball players were suspended from playing basketball. It was a very well-done article and well done by the school system. They didn't say who it was, they didn't say what offense they committed. They just announced that they stand by their rules and suspended three players. I stand up for Cape Central schools for standing up for their rules. They're doing right.

Tigers deserve compliment

ONCE AGAIN, someone compliments the Tigers or their coach and here come the cheap shots. I saw the same thing with Rod Gorman years ago. Mr. Mishow merely complimented our Tigers program and our coach and said nothing bad about the former coach. I watched the Tigers play and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see they play hard, are well coached and are fun to watch. Keep up the good work, Tigers.

A study in sportsmanship

I KNOW our girls varsity basketball team will not win every game at Delta this year, but they will play the game fairly and play good sportsmanship. Coach White helps our younger players develop character. He benched one player for a game last year and due to foul trouble, we finished the game using four players, which is fine when one has to make a statement. We played another school recently where a player kicked at our player's head while she was on the floor. The player received a technical and was benched for maybe two minutes; then right back on the floor she went. I am proud that our administration and school board set high standards. To the coach at the other school: What did you teach your player? What did you teach the whole bench full of players? What did you show your fans? How did your represent your school district? It's amazing one can go to college for four years and never learn the meaning of character.

Smith does the right thing

AS THE parent of a Cape Central athlete and booster club member, I would like to give Central AD Darrick Smith a big pat on the back for taking the correct position with regard to the recent suspension of athletes. Seeing him quoted as saying that the actions of the kids involved left him "no choice" is a refreshing change from old attitudes that said that there was always a "choice" depending upon who was involved. I'm happy to hear that at Central the playing fields are level.

Liberal media conspiracy

SOMEONE SHOULD tell David Wilson to get the true facts before he runs down someone in his column. Let me preface this by saying I am not a Rush Limbaugh fan -- I find his ego to be overbearing -- but the facts are he did not make a racial slur about Donovan McNabb. During a segment which -- which was by the way entitled "What's Wrong With Donovan McNabb?" -- every member of the panel was trashing McNabb with great enthusiasm. When it was Limbaugh's turn, he simply said that there had been unrealistic expectations of McNabb this season because the media desired a black quarterback to succeed, probably the kindest commment during the entire segment. Of course, the media misreported this so much that everyone in the nation who did not actually see it thinks Rush said McNabb is no good because he is black. As a matter of fact, the only black member of the panel closed the discussion by saying "Rush has a point." Of course, this is not really Wilson's fault, I'm sure he honestly thought he had his facts straight. Just more proof of the liberal bias of the media.

Everyone makes mistakes

WHEN I first heard about the Cape Central basketball suspensions, I was pretty upset. I don't know what all the facts are, but we all need to remember that kids make mistakes just like we adults do. I feel that a two-week suspension would be very appropriate, not suspension for the rest of the season. Remember, the punishment should fit the crime. Do we adults expect to get "the book thrown at us" every time we make an error in judgement? Hopefully, they will learn from their mistakes as they are still young. Everyone wanting them kicked off the team needs to remember what it was like to be 17 or 18. Do you remember all the stupid things you did? I'm sure you did just as many or more than they have done and just may have not gotten caught.

People are watching

REGARDING THIS incident with the three basketball players: A lot of people are watching these coaches, the athletic director, the principal to see what they're doing. These kids are going to judge how fair and how consistent administration is by what you do with these kids. Remember, a couple years ago you suspended a player for an entire season for an incident such as this, so it would seem likely or seem only fair that the athletes receive the same punishment. The paper keeps saying and the reporters keep saying that they are suspended indefinitely. They should be out for the remainder of the season, at least. As I said, kids are watching. My daughter said it was a big point of discussion in one of her classes, and the kids are going to see if the popular kids, if the good athletes are treated the same as everybody else, and they should be. They're no different.

Kudos to Central

I'M CALLING after reading the article today about the Central boys. I just want to commend the athletic department at Central for upholding what their school guidelines are concerning their athletics program, concerning the citizenship particularly. I think it's very commendable and kudos to them for standing their ground and making the boys be accountable for their actions and setting the example.

Mishow was right

WHOEVER WROTE the ridiculous FanSpeak last week about Central basketball does not have a clue and is an obvious idiot. Marty Mishow was hitting the nail right on the head as usual when he said Coach McCord and the Central Tigers are turning the program in the right direction. It was a slap in the face to no one. He just stated a fact.

Ready for baseball

SINCE 1998, the Southeast Missouri State baseball team has been very competitive at the Division I level. Since 1998, the SEMO baseball program has seriously contended for the OVC championship with titles in 1998 and 2002. The SEMO baseball program is the only men's program that can consistently play large schools and beat them. The strength of tihs year's schedule consists of good baseball programs such as Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Southwest Missouri State, Missouri and Southern Illinois, to name a few. What would it take to get a great program like Oklahoma State to play SEMO at home? The baseball fans of Southeast Missouri would love for this to happen, and it would be great for the program and recruiting.

Weather not a factor

Whoever wrote the article about Jackson's wrestling team getting help from the weather to beat Cape needs to listen up. First of all, Jackson killed Cape 53-18. Secondly, Jackson wasn't even at full strength. They were missing two wrestlers who probably would have won by fall. Third, how does the weather have anything to do with the match? Sure, Cape and Jackson were the only schools who could make it, but how does that give Cape an edge whatsoever? Not to end on a sour note, good luck to both teams and coaches at districts, sectionals and state. Take out some of those Section 4 guys.

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