Speak Out 1/3/08

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Took too long

A RECENT comment said that the surge in Iraq is working and that we should give President Bush credit for that. I believe the surge is working, but I don't think Bush deserves the credit. Why did it take six years for us to get something right? How many Americans would be alive if our leaders had done this right in the first place?

Winning in Iraq

THE BIGGEST news story of 2007 was that President George Bush took the advice of his generals and changed strategy in Iraq. Gen. David Petraeus brought in more soldiers and worked with the local population to decrease the violence. It is working even though the Democratic leaders have tried to defund the troops. We are winning in Iraq even though Democrats want us to lose.

Get in right lane

WHEN YOU enter Jackson there is a sign that clearly states if you choose to go under the speed limit, you should get in the right lane. That sign was not put up by the people. It was put up by the city.

Raising fees

JACKSON IS creative in raising every fee possible. I wish it was equally creative in saving money and reducing the need for revenue.

Great court plan

A WALL Street Journal editorial criticizing Missouri's nonpartisan court plan can mean one thing: The plan is great.

Wasted dollars

"U.S. HOUSE members spent $20.3 million in tax money last year to send constituents what's often the government equivalent of junk mail." I would suggest they send press releases to brag to their public about what they've done. Then use that $20 million of our taxes for something that might make a difference somewhere in our country.

Mind our own business

IMAGINE FOR a few minutes that a U.S. presidential candidate was assassinated. What would our reaction be if a presidential candidate from, say India, stuck his nose in our business and called for an investigation? We would be outraged at such audacity. Hillary Clinton just did that very thing. Let's start treating other countries with respect, not sticking our nose into their affairs. We are not one small village. We are the United States, not the overseer of everyone else. The attitude of Clinton and others of her ilk are exactly why the U.S. is despised by so many other countries.

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