Speak Out 1/2/08

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Boost for McCain

IT'S BAD form to mention it so soon, but the assassination of Benazir Bhuttto and all that may stem from it will provide a well-deserved boost to the candidacy of John McCain. Serious foreign policy matters demand serious students of U.S. foreign policy. There is no doubt that McCain is miles ahead of any other candidate on matters of national and international security.

Involve the parents

PARENTS NEED to be aware of where their children go to school and get a feel for the university. What is sad to me is that there are parents who wouldn't go or have employers who don't understand why they want to go or need to go. Bottom line: Parents need to be more involved.

Legislators should act

I CHALLENGE any and all area state legislators to ignore public opinion, do the right thing and initiate legislation banning cell-phone usage while driving. I hope they will heed this plea and that (as happens most times) a major tragedy doesn't have to occur before the lawmakers are sufficiently motivated.

Inappropriate credit

PRESIDENT BUSH was right about what? Had we never invaded Iraq in the first place, would the country have become a breeding ground for terrorists who threatened the government? No. Thanking President Bush for lessening a threat that likely would not have occurred in the first place had we acted less hastily hardly seems appropriate.

De facto president

DAVID LIMBAUGH just doesn't seem to get it. By arguing that if Hillary Clinton is elected U.S. President, Bill Clinton will be de facto president, Limbaugh assumes this would be anathema to the American people. How wrong he is. Outside of an insignificant minority of voters, that scenario would be just fine with the American people. Back to the drawing board, Mr. Limbaugh.

Going to extremes

THE FORMER prime minister of Pakistan was assassinated in a suicide attack. I know we have differences here in the U.S. But I am so happy that U.S. citizens don't go to these extremes to get a point across.

Library math

LET'S DO the math. The Cape Girardeau Public Library is spending $9 million for an extreme makeover. In the immortal words of the late Sen. Ev Dirkson, "My, my, a million dollars here, a million dollars there -- before long it'll run into real money." And just down the street from the library's temporary location is the former K's Merchandise building with four times the space and 10 times the parking for probably half that. Good job, Cape voters.

Possible winner

USUALLY ANALYTICAL, calm and collected conservative columnist George Will has joined with other establishment Republicans and gone hysterical over the Mike Huckabee phenomenon. Will wrote that Huckabee represents a complete repudiation of Reaganism. That Will would join in apparent lock-step with other spillers of ink and denounce Huckabee in such an spurious fashion leaves me with an ever-growing feeling that Huckabee just might win the nomination and the presidency.

For birth control

I AGREE with the idea of birth control for single mothers. Especially if the fathers aren't responsible. I would love to have more children, but my motherly instincts have to take a back seat to the health and comfort of my child. Birth control is free in most cases. If you can't afford it on your own, chances are you can't afford a happy, healthy baby.

Danger on the road

CELL PHONES should be outlawed in cars when motorcycles are outlawed on the road. Motorcycle riders choose to ride unprotected, probably costing the taxpayers money in the long run. Wouldn't motorcycle riders be better off in a car or truck with doors and windows for protection? I won't gripe about anyone riding a motorcycle, if motorcycle riders don't gripe about my limited use of a cell phone when I am driving.

Glad they're gone

I WAS happy to read where some of the swim teams are leaving the Bubble. It had gotten to the point to where individuals didn't have anywhere to swim laps because the teams where constantly there practicing. I had one incident where I was swimming in my lane and a lifeguard told me to move because the swim team needed the lane -- even though I paid to get in and I pay taxes to support the Bubble. I am glad the swim teams are leaving.

Piling up debt

I AM paying $55 more on personal-property taxes than I did last year. For every $100 we spend for groceries, we have to pay around 5 dollars in taxes. Please tell me why my taxes have increased. Our president doesn't care that he has got us so far in debt we will never get out.

Handicapped parking

I HAVE seen much less illegal parking in handicapped spots since it was mentioned in Speak Out. That helps handicapped motorists, and I want to thank everyone.

A view of heaven

THIS IS pertaining to heaven and the belief that we'll all be looking down at our loved ones. This is not true. When we go to heaven, there is no sorrow. There's no looking down at this pitiful world and our poor relations left on Earth. My son shot himself before Christmas and is being cremated today. I know he is in heaven at peace and with love. But I also know that he is not looking down at his pitiful momma crying. Can you imagine what heaven is? It surely isn't anything like what's down here.

Pick up the trash

TO THE people complaining about litter and trash: If more people would bend at the waist and pick up trash on a regular basis, there wouldn't be such complaints. I pick up the trash around our city block at least every other day. It's good exercise. Give it a try.

Professional builders

I THINK Habitat for Humanity volunteers should be licensed to build houses. These people aren't skilled laborers. The houses don't get inspected until there done, and most of the time they don't pass inspection. Several things have to be redone. Leave the homebuilding to licensed professionals.

Need reflectors

THE TURN lanes at Kingshighway and Broadway need reflectors to guide you. Thank you.

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