Lottery money to buy high-life headstone

Sunday, February 1, 2004

PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia -- Lottery winner Phil Lee is taking his irreverent sense of humor to his grave. The former construction worker in his 60s says he'll use some of the nearly $76,000 he won in the lottery to buy a hedonistic headstone. Lee said his tombstone will read, "Been there, done that" and show "a champagne glass, a royal flush, a slot machine, a nude woman facing backward and a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse." Lee said he also would buy a new set of teeth and some good walking shoes, share some of the money with his family and try "to break the Hollywood Casino" in Prince George.

Cars towed; residents say they've been snowed

SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- Some residents of this Boston suburb are being asked to pay for the mayor's snow job. Many awoke to find neither the expected snow -- nor their cars. Others found tickets on their vehicles saying they had violated the snow emergency requiring them to move their cars off the street called by the mayor. Because of weather forecasts calling for up to 8 inches of snow, Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone declared a snow emergency at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Within hours, with nary a flake in sight and barely any on the way, 3,000 cars were ticketed and another 200 were towed before the ban was lifted at 4:20 a.m. The tickets cost $50, and the tow jobs $145. The mayor said Wednesday that he has no plans to forgive the tickets or the towing charges, which could combine for a possible $179,000 windfall for the city.

Rowdy Taboo players didn't have a clue

CONWAY, Ark. -- The party game wasn't the only thing taboo. Three men were arrested on felony charges after a game of Taboo went awry at a Conway home. Officers were called to the home last Sunday after two men threatened others with guns because they were losing the game, in which one teammate gives clues about certain subject matter, but using certain words is taboo. One of the people in the apartment told police the men were yelling and cussing and threatened them with handguns. Officers searched a car at the scene for weapons and found hypodermic needles and drug paraphernalia. The men, aged 21 and 23, were arrested on suspicion of felony aggravated assault. A 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of a controlled substance and felony possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police want bar patrons to run on empty

MINNEAPOLIS -- "Go before you go." That's the slogan under consideration for a new campaign in Minneapolis to combat public urination. The bar business is thriving in the city's Warehouse District, and many patrons are apparently leaving with a full bladder. The Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association plans to spend $10,000 in an effort of convince patrons to use the bar restrooms before they call it a night. The association's Kim Motes calls public urination a nuisance crime, that makes a mess of their neighborhood. Public urination is also a civil crime punishable by an $80 fine.

-- From wire reports

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