Speak Out 12/31/07

Monday, December 31, 2007

Parents of students

I DID not appreciate the article referring to college students' parents as "helicopter parents." That was a very degrading article. If I am going to put out the money for my two children in college, I will get in involved.

Costly taxi service

I Am trying to juggle my bills and worried about paying my personal-property tax. I feel mad, sad and disgusted all at the same time. I watch the city's bomb squad truck try to maneuver in the junior high school's parking lot and wonder how much of our tax money is used because our so-called heroes are picking their children up from school. What if there is an emergency and this truck or police car has children in it? Do the officers take their children home first? The rest of us have to pay for our own gas, and I'm getting tired of my tax money being used for a taxi service.

Air service decision

I'D LIKE to know the names of those Cape Girardeau officials who were responsible for recommending that Big Sky get the contract for our air service. I want to send a congratulations card to each of them for such outstanding judgment. They have pretty much ensured that few people will ever again consider using local air service. And I would like to know if Big Sky gets to keep the enormous federal subsidy to operate the local air service.

Good column

I WISH everybody would read Cal Thomas's column "The Right Gift" in the Dec. 23 Missourian. Well put, well said and so true. Thank you.

It takes a man

REGARDING DEADBEAT dads: Any guy can be a father, but it takes a man to be a daddy. Thanks to all the guys out there who are being daddies to their children.

One way for taxes

COULD SOME state or county official please answer a question? My overall taxes for Cape Girardeau County increased over 10 percent this year, even though the road and bridge tax was not there. Since we have the current mortgage crisis and property values are going down, will the 2007 reassessment hold fast, or will we get a reduction in our property taxes? Are our assessed values a one-way street where it only goes up?

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