Speak Out 12/28/07

Friday, December 28, 2007

Trash on Cape Rock

HAS ANYBODY seen all the trash in the right of way from Lexington Avenue on Cape Rock Drive down to Snake Hill? It is an eyesore. Could the city please get someone out there to pick up all this trash?

More reflectors

I NOTICED in the paper how critical the intersection of Kingshighway and Broadway is. The reflectors in the street leading up to the Broadway turn are wonderful, but they don't go far enough. When it's raining it is impossible to see the white lines. If there were reflectors in the turn lanes, it would eliminate some accidents.

Tailgating motorists

THE STORY in the paper regarding accidents at Kingshighway and Broadway said 25 accidents were caused by following too closely. That's not big news. That's all a lot of motorists do around here. They tailgate like crazy. I was taught to leave a safe distance between cars. Good drivers shouldn't have to put up with this.

No more Cincinnati

BIG SKY is leaving our airport. Maybe now Cincinnati will be out of our lives.

Rear-end collisions

I WASN'T surprised that the Broadway-Kingshighway intersection had a high rate of accidents. If drivers coming off Broadway and yielding in the turn lane heading toward Jackson, could see Kingshighway drivers better, fewer rear-end collisions would occur. To solve this the city needs to move the wide white stop line of the northernmost lane on Broadway. That could be even with the existing one in the lane next to it.

Postal explanation

THIS IS to the person who wonders why their mail is delivered late. Maybe your postal carrier was sick and another carrier had to deliver that route. If the substitute carrier is not familiar with the new route, it will take him longer. Believe it or not, there are circumstances beyond the control of the postal service.

Enough of candidates

ISN'T IT funny how in the primaries the candidates rip each other to shreds? But once it is over and there is only one candidate, you'd think they agreed on everything. I'll be glad when this election is over. I think I have seen the true colors of all the candidates. It makes me want to get a bumper sticker telling them I have had enough.

Still in control

I THOUGHT Congress was really going to change during this last session, but come to find out, it's still controlled by ideological earmarxists.

Ending the Cold War

AS SELF-APPOINTED Speak Out revisionist historian, the next time someone tells you Ronald Reagan was responsible for ending the Cold War, remind them that though he played a role, primary credit belongs to congressman Charles Wilson, Democrat from Texas. If you don't believe me, do the extensive research I have and you'll change your mind. My extensive research consisted of seeing the movie "Charlie Wilson's War."

Coordinated effort

IN A quasi-defense of David Limbaugh (the target of a recent lengthy Speak out diatribe), he seems to have abandoned all pretense at being primarily a sociocultural conservative. Indeed, it seems to me that he has joined a coordinated effort to launch a pro-business, full-frontal assault on GOP upstart Mike Huckabee (someone Rush Limbaugh said he'd never heard of until recently) so as to preserve the Big Government-Big Business nexus that characterizes contemporary America and protects it from what Limbaugh may see as a loose cannon hick like Huckabee.

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