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Friday, December 28, 2007

A story about abandoned puppies is touching any time, but especially at Christmas time. Maybe it's because we associate homeless puppies with the homeless infant whose birthday we celebrate so festively.

Throughout the year, the Southeast Missourian dutifully reports all kinds of news. Some of it is sad, even tragic. But then there are the stories of triumph and selflessness and generosity and earnest efforts to bring cheer to otherwise dreary lives.

This Christmas, the story of abandoned puppies so small they needed special feedings touched many hearts.

We like it when our stories involve readers who are inspired in some way to do something good. We would all like to think that if we were in dire circumstances someone would reach out with a helping hand.

Look at some of the stories: Time after time whole communities raise money for families stricken with medical bills or other needs. A stranger pays for a family's meal at a restaurant. A woman who doesn't know what the next day will bring gratefully accepts $100 from a total stranger.

Great stories. What a delight it is that we are able to share them with you.

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