Speak Out 12/27/07

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deadbeat moms

NOT TO take away from the plight of single moms, but as a single dad with two children whose mother left us several years ago, I would like to remind everyone that the sword cuts both ways. We struggle to make ends meet also. My job and caring for my children keeps me busy and broke. If it were not for several charities in the area, my kids would not have much of a Christmas.

Navy rescue

I WOULD like to say thank you to the U.S. Navy and the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan. They recently helped save the life of an Illinois teenager after she needed emergency surgery while on a cruse ship at sea. This is an example of how a highly trained team of Navy officers and sailors can do good work in a time of need. Let's hear it for the Navy.

It's working

IT APPEARS our latest actions in Iraq are working. What a shame it would have been if we had allowed the terrorists to take over that country. Some people ought to say that they're sorry and that President Bush was right. He was right about the economy too. The government's taking in more money than it ever has and collecting less taxes from each person.

Christmas angel

MY THANKS to my Christmas angel at the eye doctor today. I didn't have enough money for my co-pays and would have had to wait until January to get my glasses. She paid for them. Thank you, you don't know how much it meant to me.

Making my day

DEAR SAM Blackwell, please make available a book of your columns. Sometimes in our dark and dreary world, your column is the only thing that brightens our day. I think your writing is wonderful, and I appreciate you so much. Thank you for making my day.

Parental models

PARENTS SHOULD stop holding others responsible for being role models for our children. Be your own role models for your own kids.

Speeding in Jackson

THE SPEED limit on the new section of Highway 34/72 is 40 mph until you get to the two-lane highway, where it changes to 55 mph. It is aggravating because people go roaring through there well over the speed limit. I wish the police would catch some of those people.

Better lane markings

I'M CALLING to complain about the section of Broadway from Kingshighway to West End Boulevard. Every time it rains you cannot see the stripes. If anyone has noticed this, call the city and ask for reflectors in the road to help you find your way.

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