Letter to the Editor

Mosley column is special gift

Thursday, December 27, 2007

To the editor:What a pleasant surprise it was to see the front page of the paper on Christmas Eve and be allowed the pleasure of reading Jean Bell Mosley's words. She was born in the same area as I, and I have bought her books many times for my mother who remembers her family.

To read her words aloud is like reading poetry, and the strength of her sayings and the sweet confidence in her turn of phrase make it delightful and calming at the same time.

Thank you for the reminder I needed that life will always go on with good people daily striving to make it better, no matter what life throws at us. Through the personal experience of grief felt by a mother of an Iraq war veteran and the inner turmoil of how best to help someone whose life is seemingly wrecked, as we do so many days in pastoring, your choosing to rerun her article was a special gift of encouragement to me.