Speak Out 12/26/07

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Be on guard

WHILE YOU may like "The Golden Compass," I think you need to be on guard. I think this movie wouldn't be appropriate for my child until at least middle school. We want our children to be good, and we want their Christian natures to shine through. You would be better off if to rent "The Nativity" from last year; it was done well. We should be seeking the best in our lives. Christians need to be on guard against Satan.

Taking your time

I DON'T know why anyone would complain about driving on Jackson Boulevard. It's not that hard to get through. Sometimes people just feel like taking their time more than others.

Lay it on the line

AS TAXPAYERS and, most importantly, parents, we expect the school board to handle its budgets as we do. What is going on, and when will we be told the whole story?

School parking

I'M CALLING about the new parking lot at Jackson High School. The students never use it. They park all around the school and take up every parking place from where we live all the way to the school. They throw their trash out all over Madison Street and High Street, and they use up every parking place. Our son's grandmother came over the other day and had to park at the Baptist church. Isn't there any way we could make the kids park in the parking lot that our tax dollars built for them?

No manger scene

I SEE there is no manger scene in front of the Scott County Courthouse like in all the years past. It sure looks odd that there's no kind of Nativity scene. Somebody must have fussed about it.

Limiting children

MY CHILDREN are in their 20s now. When they were born, I knew I could not support more than these two kids, as their father did not contribute anything. I had a tubal ligation to make sure there would be no more children. I think perhaps more people ought to think about that. It's ridiculous for people to have children that they can't support.

Mandatory orientation

I READ with interest your article on Southeast Missouri State University's "helicopter parents." If the university discourages parental involvement, why does it require parents to take off work and attend the mandatory First Steps orientation? Could it be because the university charges $50 for this?

Disappointing column

I'VE JUST finished reading the column by Kathryn Lopez on how Mike Huckabee is dividing Republicans. It's an unabashed advertisement for Mitt Romney. I don't know why you're printing her opinion. I'm disappointed in you.

Slave reparations

I LIVE in Phoenix now, and I see someone in the Missouri Legislature wants to give reparations to descendants of slaves. My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather came to New England in the early 18th century as an indentured servant. It was white slavery at its best. Does that mean I would be eligible for reparations, even though I am white? Or is this just another racist attempt to get something for blacks? How about those blacks who are not descended from slaves? Do they get reparations too?

Party deviation

NOTHING WARMS my heart more than to read a column written by the editor of the epitome of establishment conservatism, National Review Online, knocking Republican candidate for president Mike Huckabee for deviating from the party line as preached by the likes of National Review.

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