Carol of the bell ringers

Sunday, December 23, 2007
William Mason stands outside Walgreens, ringing the bell for his third year to collect donations for the Salvation Army. Mason himself receives help from the Salvation Army but feels good about doing his part to help. "I'd do it even if I had a full time job," he said. (Aaron Eisenhauer)

"I love it," said Robin Slinkard. "I just love it." Slinkard collected donations outside of Macy's with a sunny disposition, wishing nearly every shopper to pass by a merry Christmas. She is collecting donations for her second year. This year she is joined by her husband Mark. (Aaron Eisenhauer)
Greg Hill stands beneath the florescent lights outside K-Mart to collect donations. "It's a tough job," Hill admits. "Time goes by slow." As a paid bell ringer, policy prevents him from volunteering his time, which Hill says he's tried doing. (Aaron Eisenhauer)
Shoppers move past Mark Slinkard as he rings his bell outside the main entrance to the mall. It's his first year and he says he plans on doing it again next year if he has the time. "I've got two bells," said Slinkard as he describes how he deals with the persistent ringing. "If one gets to bothering me, I switch to the other for a while." (Aaron Eisenhauer)
Mark Slinkard rings his bell outside the main entrance to the mall. (Aaron Eisenhauer)
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