A warming response

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Large areas of Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas were smacked by one of those ice storms we all fear and dread. Power lines were snapped, leaving some affected areas without power for more than a week of subfreezing temperatures. Roads and city streets were blocked by downed tree limbs. Customers couldn't get out to finish their holiday shopping -- and many stores weren't open anyway because they didn't have electricity. Shelters were opened to take in the cold and the hungry.

Through it all, an army of power-company workers, relief agencies and volunteers worked around the clock to restore order. Anyone who has worked in freezing rain even for a short period of time has had a taste of the miserable conditions those power-company workers endured for hours at a time.

The far reaches of Southeast Missouri escaped the freezing temperatures that turned a lingering band of heavy rain into ice. But we watched with interest as our fellow Missourians to the west and north coped with the most miserable of circumstances. Some of our friends and neighbors went to help. In the cast of stranded Northwest Missouri State University football fans, we were able to provide comfort and assistance right here at home.

Everyone who has endured this December ice storm should know that they were in our thoughts and prayers. And we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who labored so hard to undo the ravages of Nature. Thank you all.

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