Edwards apologizes to KC fans

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Coach Herm Edwards apologized to Kansas City Chiefs fans Tuesday for telling them to "get over it," and said he should have chosen his words more carefully in talking about their reaction to his team's losing streak.

The Chiefs (4-10) have lost seven in a row in Edwards' second season and could be headed toward their worst record in two decades. A 26-17 loss to Tennessee on Sunday before an angry, half-empty stadium closed out a 2-6 home record -- their worst since the 1977 team was 1-6 in Arrowhead.

Many fans wore bags over their heads and even more brought signs demanding that either Edwards or general manager Carl Peterson be fired. Several signs taunted Edwards for his statement last week when he said fans should "get over" this bad season.

"People aren't used to this in Kansas City. Get over it," Edwards said then. "It happens. It's called life. You can't think you're too big that it's not going to happen to you. It happens to everybody."

On Tuesday, Edwards agreed the statement had angered many fans.

"And probably the ways the fans took it, in my opinion, was probably wrong," he said. "So if it was misinterpreted, then I apologize."

Edwards added: "I just think people are all disappointed in how the outcome of this season has taken place thus far, and they've got a right to be."

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