Letter to the Editor

It's time to try some diplomacy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To the editor:With Iraq, we were subjected to an ongoing litany of lies from the Bush administration. Despite the denials of the U.N. inspectors on the ground in Iraq, the administration told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and nuclear capability. Despite the denials of terrorism experts and the CIA, top officials in the administration told us Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attack. Then, despite all the evidence, the officials told us Iraqis would greet the invading American forces with flowers and welcome. Instead, the Iraqis greeted us as aggressors and occupiers.

Why does Bush still push the deceit and lies that have been the hallmark of his administration? First, it was those famous weapons of mass destruction that Iraq supposedly possessed. Now, 16 American intelligence agencies have said that Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program. What a great time to begin diplomatic talks with the Iranians.

But Bush continues to beat his war drums. It's bait and switch, lies and deceptions all over again. When will we learn that forcing democracy on the world at the point of a gun will not work? Wake up, America. There are extremists running our country who cannot be trusted and do not deserve our support. The time has come when we should use diplomacy, not bullets.

RICK BRINDELL, Cape Girardeau