Mothers with diverse situations look for aid

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Woman, children live at Safe House

Annie, a mother of two, is protected by confidentiality policies at the Safe House where she resides.

On the list for 6-year-old Timothy are Spider-Man and SpongeBob toys, action figures and learning toys.

Jimmy, 3, has the same items on his wish list.

Family works to live in better area

Help from Jill and Eric's dad is not something that can be counted on. Single mom Ginger said he's $3,000 behind on child support payments.

Ginger works while the children are in school. She recently moved from a bad neighborhood to allow her children to attend a school she thinks is better than the one they would have attended in the old neighborhood.

"I think the Toybox program is a wonderful program for kids who won't get a lot," Jill said. "When Santa comes we have milk and cookies for him and it's nice to watch the kids open their gifts. Then I put a few aside and save them for Christmas from Santa."

Paying bills on her own is a struggle for Ginger. She said she appreciates the help from Toybox.

Bridget, 7, has Barbie, Hannah Montana, Bratz and Disney Princess items on her Christmas list. She likes to be creative, so art supplies would make nice gifts -- they would be especially useful while she's on vacation from school. Bridget also likes jewelry and games.

Transformers, Spider-Man, Batman, Power Rangers or any Disney toys are what Randy, 6, has on his Christmas list. He also likes remote control trucks and dinosaurs.

Single mom has fifth child on the way

Valerie will have a newborn baby after Christmas and needs a few things she finds difficult to afford because she is not working. Her needs include rattles, bottles, crib sheets, newborn clothes and a swing.

Her oldest child, 9-year-old Jimmy, likes games and would love a basketball. He also likes cars and wrestling action figures. A radio would make a nice gift as well, his mom said.

Cassidy, 8, is a typical girl. Jewelry, pretend makeup or dress-up clothes are appealing to her. Valerie asked for a black doll, books and a radio for her.

Kyle, 5, likes cars, wrestling action figures, board games, video games and basketball. A radio would make a good gift for him as well.

Six-month-old Christina needs a walker so she can be safe and happy with her newfound talent of sitting up. Other items include rattles and a black doll.

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