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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

La Repubblica (Rome)

The unexpected and immense crowd of people who faced the freezing cold in order to vote in the first Democratic primary has stirred a cold breeze to make Bush and the Republicans shiver. ... Seventy-five percent of the state's citizens are against the war, yet only 18 percent voted for Howard Dean, the candidate whose banner was his fierce opposition to the war. ... These figures do not mean that the Democrats have a reasonable chance of overthrowing George Junior from the family throne. But it does mean that Karl Rove, Bush's electoral pilot, won't have a comfortable extremist opponent to demolish with the usual charges of liberal elitism. ...

The Guardian (London)

Democrats of every persuasion should thank Iowa's voters. The state party's caucuses went a long way to defining the battleground, challenges and requisite qualifications in the coming struggle to unseat George Bush. ... Democrats desire, above all, a winner. Given the utter awfulness of Mr. Bush, as they see it, this is not a time for gallant losers or the ideologically pure in heart. They want a man ... who has the credibility, character, experience and resourcefulness to stay the national course. That may be the main explanation for John Kerry's run from behind; and why Wesley Clark, who kept his powder dry for New Hampshire, may be the one who trips him up. ...

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