You snooze, you lose

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

"Beep … beep … beep … !" Oh God please make it stop, I thought to myself. I reached over and turned off the loud, obnoxious sound that haunted me in my sleep. But not for long though. Soon -- nine minutes, to be exact -- the never-ending beep began again.

After hitting the snooze button about three more times, I finally broke through the warm, snuggly chains that held me prisoner in my own bed for the last seven hours. As I mustered up the strength to turn over, I glimpsed my clock. As I realized what it said, my heart dropped. It couldn't be 6:30 already! I swear it couldn't. If it's 6:30 then that means I slept for seven hours, and I could swear I just closed my eyes 10 minutes ago! There must be some evil person, one that gets some twisted high from depriving teenagers from their sleep, who snuck into my house and changed all my clocks.

After I turned my TV on, I realized that indeed it was 6:50. Wait. 6:50?

Last time I looked at my clock it was only 6:30. Oh yeah, I did lie in bed thinking about a sleep-stealing burglar. Nonetheless I had to get up. I needed to be at Notre Dame in 40 minutes.

I literally rolled out of bed and ended up on the cold, hard floor, the exact opposite from the soft, warm bed I had just occupied. Everything within me wanted to jump right back in bed, curl up and go back to sleep. But just as I started to snuggle back in, my mom opened the door and reminded me that it was 7 a.m. and I had 30 minutes to get to school.

Isn't it ironic how parents always know when you're just about to go back to sleep? They wait until you're comfortable to walk into the room and turn on the light.

Finally, after lying with a pillow over my face to block out the light from my lamps, I decided to get up. After getting ready, oblivious to the time, I got in my car. As I started it and backed out of my driveway I realized that it is now 7:20! If you drive the speed limit, it takes about 15 minutes to get to Notre Dame from my house.

Now, I'm no genius when it comes to math, but even I could figure out that I wasn't going to make it on time ... unless I sped. So as I was speeding down Mount Auburn Road I began thinking about my civics homework. Did I put it back in my backpack after I did it? I reached into my back seat and began looking for it, while praying to God that I wouldn't cross paths with Sam DeReign, who was probably looking for a CD in the floorboard of his car. After assuring myself I did indeed have my homework, I decided to pay attention to driving safely.

I made it to school with no time to spare and ran into the weight room, praying that I wasn't late. Usually I end up having to do up downs for Coach Graviett. He believes even if you're there only 2 minutes after the bell, you're still late. I know that, but at 6:30 in the morning, being tardy and doing up downs is not enough to motivate me to get out of bed.

Amber Karnes is a student at Notre Dame Regional High School.

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