Struggling parents hope Santa will visit their children

Friday, December 14, 2007

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Pregnant single mom needs help

Nancy, a single mom who is pregnant with her third child, is not receiving support from her children's father. Some of her welfare check was spent on Christmas gifts for her children, but she must carefully spend the money because it's distributed just once a month.

Her youngest daughter is just 10 months old, and Nancy is feeling the effects of that pregnancy with low iron and little energy. She is pleased that she's having a healthy pregnancy otherwise.

Charlotte, the 10-month-old, is wearing a size 12 months and likes toys that light up and play music. She loves Elmo.

Most toys that encourage learning are out of Nancy's price range. With some help, Nancy plans to encourage intellectual development in all of her children. Five-year-old Brandy likes to color, write, watch educational shows like Sesame Street and loves music. She also likes Barbies, horses and Dora the Explorer. Brandy wears a size 8 pants and size 10 shirts.

Toys or clothes suitable for a newborn whose gender has not yet been determined would be greatly appreciated.

Dad shares toys and clothes with children

Four-year-old Kiara loves to convince her dad to let her play his electronic handheld game. He likes to share it with her but won't let her play with it unsupervised. A child's handheld electronic game would be a great gift for Kiara.

Kevin and Trinda are a couple who share parenting responsibilities and the one vehicle they own. They drive it wisely to conserve gas. "I'm blessed that I don't work far from my job," Kevin said. Work schedules permit them to eliminate a need for day care. Meeting the rising cost of utilities has been a real challenge for the family. "We're getting by," said Kevin. Big bills combined with reduced hours at Kevin's job have brought them close to being disconnected on their electric service. Other needs suffer as a result. It is the first time they've asked Toybox for help.

Kevin said his oldest daughter, Marjorie, wears his jacket and T-shirts regularly. Any of these items in a size large would delight both dad and daughter.

Three-year-old Jolie likes remote-controlled toys. "She'd like a doll, too," Kevin said.

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