Erika Reinagel, Notre Dame

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Erika Reinagel

Position: Outfield

Year: Junior

Season stats: .558 avg., 7 RBIs, 32 SBs

Favorite moment this season: When we beat Affton in the quarterfinals, which put us into the Class 3 final four

Pregame ritual: The team would warm up, then we would pray with our right arm over left, then we did a break down. After that I would sprint down the line to get my legs going

Strangest supply in your athletic locker: Shoe box

Typical pre-game meal: Chicken sandwich and fries

What do you like to do after a win: I like to go eat with my team or family and friends and talk about the game

Biggest superstition: When running out on defense, I have to touch second base with my right foot and throw the ball up at the same time

Your nickname and when and how did you get it: E. It's just easier to say than Erika

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