Amanda Nichols, Central

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Amanda Nichols

Position: Pitcher

Year: Junior

Favorite moment this season: During our first game of districts, when we finally beat Poplar Bluff and advanced for the first time in awhile

Pregame ritual: I listen to music and we all try to pump each other up by doing cheers and focusing on the game ahead

Strangest supply in your athletic locker: Tissues

Typical pre-game meal: Snacks that are packed for us before every game by our parents, and a blue Gatorade

What song pumps you up before games: "Batter Up" by Nelly

What do you like to do after a win: Go eat a cheeseburger and then go to bed

Biggest superstition: I always warm up with the game ball before the game

Your nickname, and when and how did you get it: Panda, because it rhymes with Amanda, I suppose

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