Sirena Watkins, Central

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Sirena Watkins

Position: Catcher

Year: Senior

Plans for next year: I'd like to play college softball for Southeast Missouri State and study pre-chiropractic or pre-med

Favorite moment this season: When Amanda Nichols backed the Kia over one of the wooden posts on the gravel road leading to the field and then we tried pounding it back into the ground with a bat

Funniest moment this season: I was catching and I kept smelling spearmint. I was confused and when I went to the mound I asked, "Does anyone smell spearmint?" Everyone looked at me and started laughing because I had a piece of gum stuck on my mask that I couldn't see

What do you like to do after a win: Go home, eat, take a hot bath and then write in my journal or read

Biggest superstition: If the bats are crossed, we won't bat well. I like to make sure the handles don't touch

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