Adam Collier

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Adam Collier

Adam Collier, Jackson

Position: Defensive lineman

Year: Senior

Plans for next year: I hope to play football in college and study radiology

Season stats: 62 tackles, 3 fumble recoveries

Favorite moment this season: When I stripped the ball during the Poplar Bluff game and ran it back for a TD

Typical pre-game meal: Subway

Funniest moment this season: When Antonio Garritano jumped a Eureka player and looked up at the camera and smiled. The next Monday we watched him on film over and over again

Your best game: The Eureka game was my best game, and it was special because we hadn't beaten them in awhile

What do you like to do after a win: Warm shower, ice packs and pass out in my bed

Biggest superstition: If I watch the offense play during a game they don't do as well, if I don't watch they do good

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