Letter to the Editor

More information about licenses

Sunday, December 9, 2007

To the editor:In response to the editorial "License snafus": You do not have to call in advance of going to renew your driver's license. Because of the volume of calls the National Driver Registry has been receiving, there be some delays. It is for this reason that we recommend that you not wait until the last day to renew your driver's license. You can renew as early as six months before your expiration.

The use of the National Driver Registry is being done to protect Missouri drivers from individuals who come in from out of state and try to get a driver's license when they may have issues with their home state. The Department of Revenue requires those individuals to return to their home state, resolve those issues and then reapply for a Missouri driver's license. This procedure keeps those with driving issues from driving in our state legally.

Renewing your license plates: Until this past year residents in Cape Girardeau County could renew online, but the Department of Revenue has not received the personal property receipt information in the proper format from the county to be able to process the renewal on line. Once the Department of Revenue receives that proper documentation, residents in Cape Girardeau County will be able to renew online.

DAVID GRIFFITH, Public Information Officer, Missouri Department of Revenue, Jefferson City, Mo.