Speak Out 1/24/04

Saturday, January 24, 2004

No reason for audit

THE PEOPLE who want an audit of our Cape Girardeau schools must be out of their minds. Why have us taxpayers pay this kind of money to audit the books when, according to superintendent Mark Bowles, they're audited ever year anyway? Our schools are way behind on funds. I'm against the audit.

Money for research

I JUST finished reading the comment from the person who had seen cancer afflict parents and siblings I too can only cringe at President Bush's idea of spending billions of dollars going to Mars instead of on cancer research.

We knew that

I COULD have told you what President Bush was going to say. I could tell you what any president of this country is going to say in his State of the Union address: "Everything is on the rise, but we can do better."

Hard to keep quiet

IT WOULD not be a good thing to allow such disruptions as state Rep. Rod Jetton's at political speeches. Nevertheless, kudos to him for doing it. How difficult it must be to remain silent during such times.

America's pride

AMERICA CAN sure hold her head up high and be proud once again throughout the world after President Bush's inspirational and honorable State of the Union address. Our nation is so very blessed to have a man of integrity and honor to lead our country in these perilous times when we have the enemy without as well as within our country. It was so great to see lovely Laura Bush too. There is great hope for our country with President Bush leading the way to unite our people and to win this battle with terrorism. God has truly blessed America with President Bush.

Adults make the trash

AFTER UNNECESSARILY dissing his own grandparents last week, Sam DeReign scores this week with a trenchant expose on the hypocrisy of adult TV watching. Thanks, Sam. You're right. The perverts aren't the teens. It's the adults who lecture the teen behavior (not to mention the adults who produce TV trash).

Low-carb menu

I'M ON a low -carb diet. I just finished my lunch. I had a salad (lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese and hard-boiled egg), half a chicken breast, a piece of string cheese and a sugar-free Jell-O cup. Does that sound unhealthy?

Taxes for the rich

GO, GOV. Bob Holden. I hope the new taxes are progressive and focus on the rich.

Busybodies in charge

WHY IS Cape Girardeau limiting the number of dogs or cats you can have to four? Apparently you can have as many other creatures as you want. Pets have to be spayed or neutered. You can't have some fireworks. You can't park your car on your own property with a for-sale sign on it. You can't have tall grass. You can't have a business in your home. Only certain sizes of trash cans are acceptable. When did the busybodies get control of our city? Where will it stop?

The cost of obesity

I BELIEVE we need to increase our children's awareness of the health complications that will occur from poor dietary habits. Obesity cost America $75 billion last year. This is ludicrous when it could be prevented. I was fortunate enough to be taught that I would have to pay for the consequences of my actions. I can remember hearing, "You made your bed, now lie in it." Perhaps we should adopt the motto, "You grew that fat, now go die in it."

Same checks, balances

TO THE caller complaining about President Bush's recess appointment of Judge Pickering: The caller said Bush violated the Constitution's system of checks and balances. Would that be the same system of checks and balances that would have prevented Bill Clinton from making recess appointments of extreme left-wing radical jurists? Or do these rules only apply to conservative Republicans?

Scheduling conflict

REGARDING THE Jan. 20 Cape Girardeau City Council meeting: Did the council know the president was delivering his State of the Union address at the same time? Don't any of the council members know what's going on in the rest of the world? I like watching the council meeting, but I certainly couldn't miss the president. Maybe that's what they had in mind.

Protecting marriage

I APPLAUD President Bush for his dedication to what the majority of Americans have indicated is right. Rarely do we find politicians with such steady commitment these days. To see President Bush stand up for the sanctity of marriage makes me proud to be an American.

Freedom first

RECENT COMMENTS suggest that money being used for national defense should instead be used for health coverage and retirement. The purpose of government isn't to provide health coverage and retirement benefits. We live in the best country God ever gave man, and we are afforded the best opportunity of any other country to make something of ourselves. Our country was built on people who searched for better opportunities, dealt with adversity and worked to have the freedom we enjoy today. Freedom means everything. On 9-11 we lost our freedom. Without freedom and safety, what does anything else matter?

It really works

I'VE BEEN on the Atkins diet for years. I do not consume large amounts of saturated fats. The Atkins diet recommends against low-fat and fat-free foods because those foods are loaded with starches as fillers to replace the fats. But that does not give you carte blanche to eat high-fat foods. My serum cholesterol has dropped nearly 45 points to an average 0f 168. And, despite what the dietitians think, I get my daily allowances of vitamins and calcium from the foods I eat, and I take supplements as most nutritionists recommend. I have lost 52 pounds, have kept it off, and have more energy now at 51 than I did at 25. I exercise regularly. That's the secret: lifestyle. Atkins is not just a fad diet. It is a lifestyle.

Can't cut what's not paid

PLEASE STOP this inane nonsense about tax cuts for the poor and lower middle class. It is impossible to give a tax cut to people who pay no taxes.

Working for less

IT SEEMS a basic economic lesson is needed. Jobs are going to other countries because workers there are willing to do the job for lower wages. If we choose to purchase those products instead of more expensive ones made in America, the American company can either change its production process or go out of business. A company's job is to make money, not help people. If you want to start a company so you can hire your friends and neighbors, feel free. But be prepared for the consequences when your profit-loss statements are in the red.

A fatter nation

IT IS sad to see that we have a society that allows its population to become grossly overweight and then expects those who take care of themselves to pay for those who don't. Our country is becoming fatter at an alarming rate. Insurance companies are forced to medicate those whose bodies can't accommodate the excess weight. Perhaps our freedoms include the right to be lazy and fat even when it costs others money.

Limiting carbs

APPARENTLY SOME people are misinformed about a low-carb diet. We don't only eat fatty foods. The idea is to limit carbs, not cut them out.

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