Bicycles would make the season bright

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Donations for Toybox can be dropped off at the Southeast Missourian office at 301 Broadway and should include the name of their recipient. Those who wish to donate cash or a check should make it payable to Toybox, P.O. Box 4, Cape Girardeau, Mo., 63702.

Finally ready to ride

Chrissy, a 6-year-old who has recently been given permission from her doctors to ride a bike, sits on the old, inoperable bicycle in her basement and wishes for a new one. Her days of being in a cast and a brace have passed and the limping that started two years ago has been overcome.

Her mother, Alyssa, a single mom, had to quit her job when Chrissy's problems started because she had to be carried up and down the stairs in their apartment and wherever she went. Their financial situation remains strained. Alyssa, with health problems of her own, can't work.

Chrissy can't wait to wear high heels and get her ears pierced. While undergoing treatment, she could only wear tennis shoes. Chrissy's shoe size is 13 1/2 to 1; pant size 12; tops 12 to 14. Games or a doll are other suggestions.

Her brother, James, also needs a bike. His mom would love to get him a Nintendo GameCube game but can't afford it. His size is 12 in pants, extra large or 16 to 18 in shirts.

Cleaning up for Christmas

Addicted to crack cocaine, 23-year-old Winifred is proud to be clean for a week now. Her mother has custody of her children, 19 months and 7 years old. Pleased to be in treatment, Winifred said her children are her motivation to clean.

Her mother, Delia, said, "I'm just getting the children in a bigger home and money is pretty tight." Delia bought a PlayStation 1 system and the game Mortal Kombat for 7-year-old Dennis' birthday in November. Board games, video games and clothes would also be greatly appreciated. Dennis is a size 12 husky in pants; 12 to 14 in shirts.

Kimberly, the baby, loves purses, Delia said. "She loves to carry mine around." Clothes, including pants, tops and undershirts are needed in size 18 to 24 months. Grandma has purchased winter coats for both the children.

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