Speak Out 12/1/07

Saturday, December 1, 2007

More than talk

HILLARY CLINTON said she was uniquely qualified to be president because Bill talked to her while he was president. I talk to my doctor. I guess that makes me qualified to hang out a shingle and practice medicine.

Blame DESE

AS A Cape Girardeau taxpayer and parent of children who attend public schools, I was disgusted and dismayed by Central High School principal Mike Cowan's attitude toward No Child Left Behind and meeting the standards set by it. His criticism of NCLB shows an amazing lack of knowledge. NCLB is not "inherently flawed" as he states. NCLB is a system that holds schools accountable, but it allows each state to set the standard of what is acceptable and what is failure. This is a nice balance between accountability and states' rights to have a say-so in that system of accountability. What is flawed is not NCLB. The failure in the equation is the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The standards it has set, the testing system it has crammed down the throats of every school district and the objectives and the methods of measuring mastery are what is not only flawed, but downright pathetic. Every teacher knows it, but no district has the guts to take DESE to court over it. Stop blaming the federal government and put the blame where it lies: on the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


IF "LIONS for Lambs" is an anti-American movie because it's against our involvement in Iraq, then about two-thirds to three-fourths of Americans are anti-American.

Treating bipolar

BIPOLAR DISORDER is easily treatable. The problem is sticking with the medicine. Read "An Unquiet Mind" by Dr. Kay Redfield Jamieson, a physician who has bipolar disorder.

Wonderful city

I CAN'T believe so many people have so much to whine about while living in a wonderful city like Cape Girardeau. I was born and raised in Cape. Although I no longer live there, I come home every year and never cease to be amazed by the beauty of Cape and the friendly people who always have a smile. There is a lot of history in Cape. Preserve it. Main Street is delightful. We have never had a parking problem. If we did, we'd walk. It's not far. Someday I will come back to Cape to live, and I hope all you whiners have not destroyed the things that make Cape Girardeau so great.

Dangerous carts

WHEN I go to grocery stores, I notice people pushing carts and stockpeople pushing big produce carts. If you are in their way and don't move fast enough to suit them, they ram into you or shove you aside, using the carts as battering rams. Will it get anyone through the line faster if you keep bumping my rear with a cart? I hear that the elderly are intimidated as well. What is wrong with a society that people would do that to another human being? Why is it everyone seems to be angry and frustrated? How about a little more patience and compassion in this world?

Wise men on their way

NATIVITY SCENES are everywhere. I like them except for the wise men. The wise men should be placed several miles away. Herod had the children under 2 years of age killed. It took the wise men a while to get to Bethlehem. Matthew says the wise men went into the house and saw the child. They were not at the manger and did not meet the shepherds. It would be more true to Scripture if we place the wise men at least across the room from the manger scene. Merry Christmas.

Funeral dignity

I WOULD like to extend thanks to those people on Broadway and Kingshighway who were considerate enough to pull over and let Paula Kempe's funeral procession go by. And I want to thank the officer who led it. It was a fitting tribute to a great little lady. Thank you, Cape Girardeau, for being so thoughtful.

Dangerous situation

AROUND 2 a.m. my husband and I stopped at a convenience store close to the interstate for a few minor necessities. I was irritated to see a young woman working by herself in that location. I can't believe the store's owner would put this woman in that situation. The holiday season is here, and it is proven that more robberies take place at this time of year. This is a crime waiting to happen. It's not worth that woman's life. There should always be two people on duty at any business that is open to the public from dusk to dawn.

Need better choices

IF "COYOTE Ugly" never comes to Cape Girardeau again, it will still be too soon. That was the worst thing I've ever seen. I have to scratch my head as to why, when there is so much wonderful theater available, this was chosen. Incest is not a humorous topic. It is a tragedy. Living in a mobile home is not something to be ridiculed. People do the best they can do with the hand they are dealt. What a shame for that production to be the opening at the Rust theater. We need and want much better choices for our River Campus.

Leave it to science

SOME PEOPLE are pouncing on the latest stem-cell discoveries as an excuse to repeal the protections against human cloning passed by Missouri voters last year. They claim embryonic stem-cell research is no longer needed, even though both of the scientists responsible for the recent discoveries say it is essential to continue this research. It is well worth noting that these scientists were engaging in embryonic stem-cell research when they made these wonderful discoveries. It is also worth noting that the same people who last year claimed embryonic stem cells had no potential for cures are now embracing them as the new future. Let's leave decisions about this research to the men of science and keep the politicians and zealots out of it.

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