Jackson defense collects honors

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Jackson defense was certainly an important reason why the Indians advanced to the Class 5 state semifinal game against Waynesville this fall.

The Indians' defense allowed 125 points in 12 games for an average of 10.4 points per game. So it is not too surprising that players from this group earned seven of the 13 spots on the SEMO-North all-conference defensive team and six of 11 spots on the all-region defensive team.

Junior Kevin Pridemore, who converted from a linebacker to a defensive end during last offseason, earned a first-team selection in both the all-conference and the all-region squad. So did Adam Collier, a senior who played the other defensive end position for three straight years under Indians head coach Carl Gross, who was named the all-region coach of the year.

Collier recorded three fumble recoveries this season, including one in the Poplar Bluff game that he returned 53 yards for his first varsity touchdown.

Indians junior linebacker Blake Peiffer received first-team honors for both the all-region and all-conference teams. Peiffer, the son of former NFL player Dan Peiffer, led the Indians in tackles with 103 entering the state semifinals. Drew Bucher, a senior linebacker, was named to the all-region first team and outside linebacker Tyler Martin was named to the all-conference first team.

Martin, a senior and a three-year defensive starter, sat out at times this year because of injuries, but had a strong year making a memorable stop on a 2-point conversion try by Parkway North late in the fourth quarter of a tight early-season game.

Bucher, a junior, had nine sacks.

Defensive backs Matt Lang and Jamie Schumacher also earned first-team honors for both the all-region and all-conference teams. Schumacher, who played linebacker at times when Martin was injured, was fourth on the team in tackles with 72 entering the Class 5 semifinals.

Lang, also selected as the first-team punter, recorded 11 interceptions this fall, highlighted by a four-pickoff performance against district opponent Parkway West, which sealed a district title for the Indians. Lang's 11 interceptions in one season put him five shy of the Missouri all-time high school record of 16 held by Luke O'Laughlin of South Shelby in 2006, according to the 2007-2008 MSHSAA record book. His four interceptions in one game tied a state record.

All-region team

Class 1

First team


Quarterback -- Shaun Jones, Hayti, senior, 6-2, 175

Running back -- Jerome Covington, Hayti, senior, 6-1, 170

Running back -- Anton Jones, Hayti, freshman, 5-8, 155

Running back -- Jerrod Steger, Chaffee, senior, 5-11, 160

Wide receiver -- Michael Vaughn, Hayti, senior, 6-1, 190

Wide receiver -- Jamestic Gooden, Hayti, senior, 6-2, 195

Offensive line -- Mike Raymer, Valle, senior, 5-10, 190

Offensive line -- William Cooper, Hayti, senior, 6-5, 290

Offensive line -- Walker Rice, Chaffee, senior, 5-11, 275

Offensive line -- William Norris, Hayti, senior, 5-11, 245

Offensive line -- Craig Robinson, Hayti, junior, 6-3, 300


Defensive line -- William Norris, Hayti, senior, 5-11, 245

Defensive line -- Cody Chandler, Hayti, senior, 5-10, 185

Defensive line -- JoJo Myers, Chaffee, senior, 5-10, 230

Defensive line -- Walker Rice, Chaffee, senior, 5-11, 275

Linebacker -- Dylan McAlister, Chaffee, senior, 5-11, 175

Linebacker -- Zach Uding, Valle, senior, 5-9, 175

Linebacker -- Eddie Covington, Hayti, junior, 5-11, 175

Linebacker -- Michael Spies, Chaffee, senior, 5-11, 195

Defensive backs -- Mikey Johnson, Portageville, senior, 5-9, 165

Defensive backs -- Collin Dannenmueller, Chaffee, junior, 6-1, 155

Defensive backs -- Shaun Jones, Hayti, senior, 6-2, 175

Special teams

Punter -- Aaron Basler, Valle, sophomore, 5-9, 170

Kicker -- Kyle Rollet, St. Vincent, sophomore, 175

Returns -- George Hamilton III, Hayti, junior, 6-1, 180

Coach of the Year -- Charlie Vickery, Chaffee

Honorable mention

Quarterback -- Michael Greminger, Valle

Running backs -- Garrett Kertz, Valle; Dylan McAlister, Chaffee

Receivers -- George Hamilton, Hayti

Offensive line -- Skyler Carnell, Hayti; Cody Chandler, Hayti; JoJo Myers, Chaffee; Jake Roth, Valle, senior

Kicker -- Abidin Bajrami, Hayti

Defensive line -- Darnell Clay, Hayti; Craig Robinson, Hayti; William Cooper, Hayti; Quent Robinson, St. Vincent; Daniel Lawson, Chaffee

Linebackers -- Brian Roth, Valle; Jerome Covington, Hayti; J.B. Gooden, Hayti; Adam Horton, Chaffee

Defensive backs -- Andrew Hendrix, Chaffee; George Hamilton III, Hayti; Jerrod Steger, Chaffee; Justin L'Hote, St. Vincent; Jamestic Gooden, Hayti

Coach -- Charlie Vickery, Chaffee

Class 2

First team


Quarterback -- Chase McClendon, Charleston, junior, 6-0, 160

Running back -- M.C. Williams, East Prairie, junior, 5-6, 175

Running back -- Dealmour Moncrief, Malden, senior, 6-1, 178

Wide receiver -- Derek Goodin, Scott City, senior, 6-0, 165

Wide receiver -- Alan Hemphill, Charleston, senior, 6-2, 185

Tight end -- Andy Matthews, Malden, junior, 6-1, 161

Offensive line -- Ian Penrod, East Prairie, junior, 5-10, 185

Offensive line -- Garrison Eastman, Charleston, junior, 6-1, 210

Offensive line -- John Pinkston, Scott City, senior, 6-2, 210

Offensive line -- Sean Merritt, Malden senior, 6-3, 230

Offensive line -- Eric Lutes, Scott City, senior, 6-0, 185


Defensive line -- Cory Jamerson, East Prairie, senior, 5-10, 175

Defensive line -- Cody Page, Scott City, junior, 6-1, 195

Defensive line -- John Pinkston, Scott City, senior, 6-2, 210

Defensive line -- Chris Blankenship, Scott City, senior, 5-10, 200

Linebacker -- Tony Jones, East Prairie, senior, 6-2, 185

Linebacker -- Matt Medlock, Charleston, senior, 6-1, 185

Linebacker -- Cody Carlyle, Scott City, senior, 5-10, 190

Defensive backs -- Rashad Fields, Caruthersville, senior, 6-0, 205

Defensive backs -- Andy Matthews, Malden, junior, 6-1, 161

Defensive backs -- Craig Arnzen, Scott City, senior, 6-2, 180

Defensive backs -- D.J. Sharrock, Scott City, senior, 5-10, 175

Special teams

Kicker -- Cody Carlyle, Scott City, senior, 5-10, 190

Punter -- Andy Matthews, Malden, junior, 6-1, 161

Coach of the year -- Dan Kesselring, Charleston

Honorable mention

Quarterback -- Caleb Estes, Scott City

Running backs -- Cody Carlyle, Scott City; Jerquawn Sherrell, Charleston

Receivers -- Craig Arnzen, Scott City; Cody Collins, Malden

Offensive line -- Ryan McGee, Malden; David Massey, Scott City

Defensive line -- Eric Lutes, Scott City; Jaris Hye, Scott City; James Davenport, Charleston

Defensive backs -- Tim Gage, Malden

Punter -- Roy Leasure, Caruthersville

Class 3

First team


Quarterback -- Kory Faulkner, Ste. Genevieve, junior, 6-4, 200

Running back -- Ryan Sawyer, Fredericktown, senior, 5-8, 160

Running back -- Lennies McFerren, New Madrid County Central, sophomore, 5-11, 185

Wide receiver -- Bobby Rawson, Dexter, senior, 6-2, 170

Wide receiver -- Kyle Marler, Potosi, senior, 5-11, 160

Tight end -- Curt Roth, Ste. Genevieve, senior, 6-3, 204

Offensive line -- Dominique Thornton, New Madrid County Central, junior, 6-1, 255

Offensive line -- Andrew Cato, Dexter, senior, 6-0, 230

Offensive line -- Orrin Hawkins, Fredericktown, senior, 6-2, 230

Offensive line -- R.D. White, New Madrid County Central, senior, 5-10, 180

Offensive line -- Harry Thurmond, Potosi, junior, 6-4, 276


Defensive line -- Tyler Gentry, Kennett, senior

Defensive line -- D'Adrian Farr, New Madrid County Central, senior, 6-0, 240

Defensive line -- Taylor Robinson, Potosi, senior, 6-1, 186

Defensive line -- Kony Ealy, New Madrid County Central, sophomore, 6-5, 215

Linebacker -- L.T. Sutton, New Madrid County Central, senior, 5-11, 225

Linebacker -- David Hessling, Dexter, senior, 5-10, 175

Linebacker -- Demetrius Childress, Kennett, senior

Linebacker -- Dijuan Waters, New Madrid County Central, senior, 5-11, 215

Defensive backs -- Bobby Rawson, Dexter, senior, 6-2, 170

Defensive backs -- Corey Rowe, New Madrid County Central, senior, 5-9, 185

Defensive backs -- Aaron Bates, Park Hills Central, 6-3, 165

Special teams

Kicker -- Mike Crowell, Fredericktown, senior, 6-3, 175

Punter -- Ben Mills, Dexter, sophomore, 5-9, 165

Returns -- David Hessling, Dexter, senior, 5-10, 175

Coach of the Year -- Arlen Pixley, New Madrid County Central

Second team


Quarterback -- Benjamin Mills, Dexter

Running back -- Demetrius Childress, Kennett

Running back -- Nick Hessling, Dexter

Wide receiver -- Jarvis Finley, Kennett

Wide receiver -- Aaron Bates, Park Hills Central

Tight end -- Eric Windham, Dexter

Offensive line -- Kyle Schaefer, Ste. Genevieve

Offensive line -- Austin Mace, Dexter

Offensive line -- L.T. Sutton, New Madrid County Central

Offensive line -- Chris Stearley, Fredericktown

Offensive line -- Lee Carnell, Park Hills Central


Defensive line -- Adam Daniels, Fredericktown

Defensive line -- Glenn Johnson, Dexter

Defensive line -- Eric Windham, Dexter

Defensive line -- Cody Hindman, Dexter

Linebacker -- Joey Lewandowski, Fredericktown

Linebacker -- Bryce MacBride, Park Hills Central

Linebacker -- Waylon Sparkman, Perryville

Linebacker -- Caleb Miller, Dexter

Linebacker -- Tyler Thomure, Ste. Genevieve

Defensive backs -- Justin Beasley, New Madrid County Central

Defensive backs -- Chaz Spangler, Fredericktown

Special teams

Kicker -- Taylor Jarrell, Dexter, freshman

Punter -- Kris Cottner, Perryville

Returns -- Zach Sohn, Fredericktown

Honorable mention

Quarterbacks -- Jordan Politte, Potosi; Blake Parr, Kennett

Running backs -- Kris Cottner, Perryville; David Penwell, Fredericktown; Bryan Waters, NMCC

Receivers -- Craig Brueckner, Perryville

Offensive line -- Tim Moore, Dexter; Cody Hindman, Dexter; Michael Spencer, Dexter; Julio Hernandez, Kennett

Defensive line -- Kory Wakefield, Park Hills Central

Linebackers -- Sedrick Hemphill, NMCC; Dustin Noll, Ste. Genevieve; Danny Merritt, Kennett; Rick Millitzer, Park Hills Central

Defensive backs -- Dontre Jenkins, NMCC; Blake Parr, Kennett; Tony Martin, Park Hills Central

Kicker -- Ben Prevallet, Perryville

Classes 4-5

First team


Quarterback -- Aaron Baker, Farmington, senior, 5-11, 160

Running back -- Adam Zweigart, Jackson, junior, 5-10, 170

Running back -- Zach Ferguson, Poplar Bluff, sophomore

Wide receiver -- Doug Noble, Farmington, senior, 5-10, 155

Wide receiver -- Parks Peterson, Farmington, senior, 6-1, 209

Tight end -- Tyler McNabb, Cape Central, senior, 6-2, 195

Offensive line -- Ethan O'Connell, Jackson, senior, 6-1, 245

Offensive line -- Brian Hill, Jackson, senior, 6-0, 275

Offensive line -- Ray Bucher, Jackson, senior, 5-11, 230

Offensive line -- Philip Klaproth, Poplar Bluff

Offensive line -- Matt Bone, North County, senior, 6-0, 209


Defensive line -- Kevin Pridemore, Jackson, junior, 6-2, 205

Defensive line -- Adam Collier, Jackson, senior, 5-8, 240

Defensive line -- Heath Hennes, Farmington, senior, 5-9, 209

Linebacker -- Will Compton, North County, senior, 6-3, 224

Linebacker -- Blake Peiffer, Jackson, junior, 6-1, 220

Linebacker -- Drew Bucher, Jackson, junior, 5-11, 185

Linebacker -- Gavilan Bland, Sikeston, senior, 5-11, 180

Defensive backs -- JaQualin Wiggins, Sikeston, sophomore, 6-1, 180

Defensive backs -- Matt Lang, Jackson, senior, 6-0, 180

Defensive backs -- Austin Sutton, Poplar Bluff

Defensive backs -- Jamie Schumacher, Jackson, senior, 5-9, 160

Special teams

Punter -- Matt Lang, Jackson, senior, 6-0, 180

Returns -- Parks Peterson, Farmington, senior, 6-1, 209

Kicker -- Adam Blum, Farmington, senior, 5-8, 154

Coach of the Year -- Carl Gross, Jackson

Honorable mention

Quarterback -- Derek Gibson, North County

Running backs -- Cody Randen, Jackson; Cantrell Andrews, Cape Central

Receivers -- Matt Lang, Jackson

Offensive line -- Ryan Kessinger, Jackson; Trey Danieley, Farmington; Kelton Thompson, Poplar Bluff; Kyle Schutte, Jackson

Tight end -- Antonio Garritano, Jackson

Defensive line -- Bill Turner, Poplar Bluff; Antonio Garritano, Jackson

Linebackers -- Austin Williams, Poplar Bluff; Tyler Martin, Jackson; Kendall May, Farmington; Aaron Ellis, Poplar Bluff

Defensive backs -- Ben Knuckles, Poplar Bluff; Mike Miller, North County; Cody Randen, Jackson; Jake Wren, Jackson

Kicker -- Matt Lang, Jackson; Tyler McNabb, Cape Central

SEMO-North All-conference

First team defense -- Adam Collier, Jackson defensive lineman, sr.; Kevin Pridemore, Jackson, defensive lineman, jr.; Bill Turner, Poplar Bluff, defensive lineman, sr.; Kelvin Thompson, Poplar Bluff, defensive lineman jr.; Phillip Klaproth, Poplar Bluff, linebacker, sr.; Blake Peiffer, Jackson, linebacker, jr.; Tyler Martin Jackson, linebacker, sr.; Derek Walker, Central, linebacker, sr.; Matt Lang, Jackson, defensive back/punter, sr.; Jamie Schumacher, Jackson, defensive back, sr.; Ben Knuckies, Poplar Bluff, defensive back, jr.; Austn Suppon, Poplar Bluff, defensive back, sr.

First team offense -- Ray Bucher, Jackson, center, sr.; Brian Hill, Jackson, guard, sr.; Phillip Klaproth, Poplar Bluff, guard, sr.; Ethan O'Connell Jackson, offensive tackle, sr.; David Ludolph, Central, offensive tackle, sr.; Adam Zweigart, Jackson, running back jr.; Zach Ferguson, Poplar Bluff, running back, so.; Cody Randen, Jackson, running back, sr.; Marcus Harris, Jackson, quarterback, jr.; Antonio Garritano, tight end, sr.; Tyler McNabb, Central, tight end, sr.; Matt Lang, Jackson, wide receiver/kicker, sr.

Honorable mention offense (area schools only) -- Cantrell Andrews, Central, running back, jr.; Derek Walker, Central, running back, sr.; Tyler McNabb, Central, kicker, sr.; Ryan Kessinger, Jackson, offensive lineman, sr.; Kyle Schutte, Jackson, offensive lineman, sr.; Josh Gwin, tight end, sr.; Andy Winkleblack, Jackson, fullback, jr.

Honorable mention defense (area schools only) -- Joe Uhls, Central, linebacker, sr.; Drew Bucher, Jackson, linebacker, jr.; Atonio Garritano, defensive lineman, sr.; Cody Randen, Jackson, defensive back, sr.; Jake Wren, Jackson, defensive back, Jr; Cole Rodgers, Jackson, linebacker, so.

SEMO South all-conference

Chaffee's winners

First team all-conference -- Southern division: Walker Rice, defensive lineman, sr.; Dylan McAlister, linebacker, sr.; Jerrod Steger, running back/defensive back, sr.; Andrew Hendrix, kicker, sr.

Second team all-conference -- Andrew Hendrix, quarterback. sr; Dylan McAlister, running back, sr.; Trenton Horman, wide receiver. sr; Adam Horton, tight end, sr.; Walker Rice, offensive line, sr.; Jo Jo Myers, defensive line, sr.; Michael Spies, linebacker, sr.; Collin Dannenmueller, defensive back, so.

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