Out of the past 11/25/07

Sunday, November 25, 2007

25 years ago: Nov. 25, 1982

Thanksgiving Day.

After weeks of speculation concerning the fate of Southeast Missouri State University football mentor Jim Lohr, the ninth-year coach's job is apparently safe for at least one more year.

Cape Girardeau Fire Chief Charles Mills says he is making some changes to the dormitory and restroom facilities at the main fire station to accommodate the city's first female firefighter; Mary Mosebach, 29, will be required to sleep in the dorm of the fire house when on duty.

50 years ago: Nov. 25, 1957

Two armed bandits -- one described as tall, suave, handsome and with a steady stream of talk, the other blunt and outspoken -- bind and gag four employees and a customer of the Capaha Loan and Finance Co., 18 N. Spanish St., and flee with $277.90 in cash.

LUTESVILLE, Mo. -- Fire destroyed the Lindy Choate establishment in Lutesville yesterday afternoon; loss is estimated at about $11,500; the Lutesville and Marble Hill, Mo., firemen fought the fire for two hours and had assistance from the Jackson city fire department.

75 years ago: Nov. 25, 1932

Bringing a year's search to an end, four prohibition agents Wednesday seize a large floating still and pre-holiday supply of moonshine whisky in the Mississippi River two miles north of New Madrid, Mo., and arrest three men; officers confiscate 115 gallons of finished whisky.

The Central Tigers bagged another victory yesterday, when they trounced the Jackson Indians, 46-0; led by their dashing captain, Walt Metje, the Bengals bowled over the county seaters with clocklike precision.

100 years ago: Nov. 25, 1907

Cape Girardeau's water famine, which has plagued the city since Saturday, seriously interfered with the students at Albert Hall yesterday; it was the day for their annual foot baths; not to be deprived of their ancient custom, the students, led by the upper classmen, marched with pitchers down Broadway to the river, filled them with water, and then marched back again.

The Frisco train master has ordered the labor train between Chaffee, Mo., and Cape Girardeau removed.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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