Letter to the Editor

Don't forget Korean War veterans

Sunday, November 18, 2007

To the editor:Your Nov. 8 editorial ("Vietnam veterans") might be OK to some people, but the Korean War veterans don't go around crying all the time wanting someone to heap praise on us. We did what we were supposed to do and didn't say a word.

I spent six years (four years in the Navy, two years in the Air Force) in the service of my country and was proud I was able to do it. Most of my time was in Korea. I also spent seven months in Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands on the A-bomb test as well as some time in Alaska.

Your editorial mentioned the return of veterans from Vietnam and World War II, but nothing about Korean War veterans.

I am a 100 percent disabled veteran, and my family, including my dad and four sons, have a total of 42 years of service to our country. I have two boys in right now, one in the Army, and one in the Navy who just returned from Iraq.

I have heard too much about Vietnam veterans not getting their praise when the Korean War veterans were never mentioned.

HAROLD REED, Leopold, Mo.