Speak Out 01/19/04

Monday, January 19, 2004

Tolls and jobs

I'M ASKING everybody who votes in November to vote yes on toll roads. It would create jobs for all Missourians.

Not that critical

WHEN CENTRAL High School was larger and we had an even better program, there were only two band instructors. It's only been in recent years as the student population dropped that we've had three instructors. Where would those who are squawking about one band instructor being dropped make a cut? I don't think the third person is all that critical.

A matter of arrogance

DOCTORS IN this area are arrogant. They don't want to participate in some HMOs and PPOs because that means they don't get to charge high prices. They don't have a whole lot of competition like in St. Louis, so they all band together. When I go to the doctor here in Cape Girardeau, I may wait two or three hours. When I go to the doctor in St. Louis, the most I have ever waited in the last six years is 20 minutes, and that's because the doctor had an emergency. That arrogance also extends to billing practices. Cape doctors have gotten away with this a long time, and they continue to get away with it because we're somewhat isolated.

Personnel ideas

I DON'T mind paying my fair share of taxes for schools. What I do mind is seeing fewer children in the grade schools than there were two years ago. We don't need a counselor, a nurse and a principal in the same school. The counselor could float just like the PE instructor and art teacher already do. We don't need all those assistant superintendents either. What we do need is reduce classroom sizes and teachers who can teach. We need principals the children actually see several times a day.

More burden

THE IDEA to let go all of the Cape Girardeau School District's employees who send their kids to private schools is totally ridiculous. If they sent their kids to the public school system, it would be even more of a burden on the district.

Start at home

IN REGARD to the space program, let's put the vote to the people to see if we should keep the program going or spend the money on our families, our neighbors, our country, for hunger and for homelessness. We need to take of these before we go to another place.

Jackson's band

I WANT to brag a little on the Jackson band program. The Jackson band directors used to comment that Jackson was not just a marching band, but a band of good musicians. That can be seen in the fact that Jackson has more students recognized in state competition than any band in the area. If you want a good band program, you can't find a better band than Jackson's.

Public or private

THE PERSON who commented the school district should fire all those employees who send their children to private schools is exactly right. How can an administrator or teacher tell the taxpayers that they support public education and then send their children to a private or parochial school? They are sending the message that the public school isn't good enough for their children, and that is wrong. The Cape Girardeau School District isn't the only district in the area with the problem.

Follow directions

THE SIGN clearly reads "Right Lane Turn Only" by Lion's Choice. The sign doesn't mean turn right and jump over to the other lane. Maybe we should give the schools more money so future generations will be able to read signs and follow directions.

Superior sports

PEOPLE ARE generally much more passionate about sports than other aspects of life. A well-rounded education certainly has a place for academics, though education about and participating in sports is and should be considered a superior endeavor.

In the classroom

I WOULD like to respond to the comment about school district employees who send their kids to private schools. They seem to be saying they are good enough to work for the Cape Girardeau School District but are also smart enough to send their kids somewhere else to get a better education and definitely have better role models. There are a number of wonderful teachers who put a lot of time and hard work but are being treated wrong. We have so many teachers who spend lots of time donating time in the community that makes them look good. What matters is what goes on in the classroom, and that is what people don't see. I praise all those teachers who give the kids a good education. Thanks.

Out of control

IF A Democratic president had proposed spending billions or trillions of our dollars on a worthless manned moon station and Mars trip, the Republicans in Congress and the Southeast Missourian would be beside themselves with indignation. Where are all the fiscal conservatives now that a Republican president is spending taxpayer dollars as though there were no limit?

Government holidays

ANOTHER GOVERNMENT holiday is coming up. I'll be working that day. I work in the real world. I get six paid holidays a year. I'm not complaining. But it gets my goat when state employees complain about their pay and benefits and that they really needed those two extra holidays last year. What a joke.

They're elected

I READ the comment about the Cape Girardeau County Commission. Gee, I thought you guys elected the county commission just like we do here in Perry County. I didn't know that in Cape Girardeau County the positions are hereditary with the current occupants crowned for life.

Commission watch

VOTER REGISTRATION cards are sent out every year to verify addresses. As far as passing ordinances, Cape Girardeau County has the right to do so. You also have the right to complain about it or challenge it in court. If you want something valid to complain about, go sit in on a commission meeting. Three guys who work two days a week get paid $50,000 a year and couldn't come up with a good idea if you squeezed all their heads together.

Taking a stand

I READ in the paper where the sheriff stood up to the county commissioners; You go, Sheriff John Jordan.

Freaking out

OH, MY goodness, the mountain lions are coming. Everyone run and hide. Give me a break. These animals are not just going to walk up to people and start mauling them. The comment that everyone needs to contact the conservation department and have these animals destroyed is a prime example of how people in Cape Girardeau freak out over the smallest things.

Education for all

TRUE, WE spend more tax dollars in the United States and possibly have lower student progress. But we educate all children. Most other countries educate only the cream of the crop or the wealthy. Many Americans do not realize how truly blessed they are. If they did they wouldn't mind supporting the schools.

Too many copiers

WHO BOUGHT nine times more copiers than necessary just so we don't have to listen to teachers complain about queuing up to make their copies? Don't I remember standing in line at the copier where I work? I almost forgot. School administrators make these weighty decisions. Who thinks the right thing is to splurge like a drunken sailor on 35 new copiers so we go broke and have to double class sizes?

Setting priorities

THE COUNCIL gets it. Cut the fat first. Then set priorities in line revenue. That's what we all do at home, right? So with all their years of experience, how come none of those school administrators gets it?

Problems on Earth

WHEN IT comes to credible space exploration, scientists have argued for years our technology is so well developed that rather than helping our studies, humans simply get in the way. Furthermore, manned space flight will cost trillions of dollars, while unmanned space flight would cost merely billions. Rather than advocating man-on-the-moon and man-on-Mars objectives, President Bush should be pushing unmanned space exploration. Let's solve the problems of poverty, injustice and health down here on Earth before we send Americans careening off into space.

Space detraction

BILLIONS OF dollars to put man on the moon and around Mars? Great idea. That's certainly going to take my mind of the billions of dollars wasted in Iraq, the thousands of U.S. casualties and the hundreds of lies told to justify it.

Out-of-date equipment

I DON'T think most residents of Cape Girardeau realize how out-of-date our city is concerning public safety. When I visit cities across this country of similar size, I see police driving well equipped SUVs with in-car computers, new state-of-the-art fire and rescue trucks, modern police and fire department buildings and college degree-holding public safety officer earning around $40,000 a year. When I look around Cape, I see fire trucks that belong in a museum, worn-out police cars with the same equipment officers were using in the 1970s and officers earning $25,000 a year. This is an embarrassment.

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