Speak Out 11/16/07

Friday, November 16, 2007

Drainage memories

ON NOV. 4 the front page of the Southeast Missourian featured a picture of Lawrence Gilliland working on a drainage ditch for the Little River Drainage District. It brought back memories of his father, Newt Gilliland with his team of mules, along with others, digging out the drainage ditch at its beginning. How life repeats itself. One helps in the labor to build, and years after, one helps to preserve what his father and mother sweated to build for the future.

Broadway parking

Parking is a big roadblock to shopping on Broadway. To help bring shoppers to this area, perhaps the Esquire should be turned into off-street parking.

We paid for that?

WE NEEDED an outside firm to tell us that Broadway is shady, rough and not family friendly? What else will this city pay for to be handled by an outside firm?

Speeding officer

I JUST followed a Cape Girardeau police car from Wal-Mart to the Jackson Police Department on Jackson Boulevard. This officer was driving up to 55 mph in the 40 mph zone. He was not in uniform and was talking on his cell phone. If you or I were doing this in Cape Girardeau and that officer caught us, he'd give us a ticket. But he violates the law in Jackson. Something should be done. Is this what we're paying taxes for? To provide these off-duty officers cars to speed in? I think not.

Plenty of interest

I BET a lot more than five people run for District 1 commissioner in Cape Girardeau County. Everybody is looking for a job that pays $65,000 a year where you only work two and a half days a week. First-class county commissioners are supposed to be full-time positions. The Cape Girardeau County Commission shows up for its two sessions a week and goes to a few meetings. And that's it. No office hours. We should have 50 people running for these Easy Street jobs.

Exciting prospect

YOU HAD a great story about the Kingshighway/midtown area and the city's comprehensive plan. How exciting. Could Cape Girardeau have its own version of St Louis' Central West End some day? Develop it, and we will come.

City, do your job

REGARDING BROADWAY'S decaying buildings: According to Cape Girardeau's ordinances, it appears the city manager needs to identify the decaying buildings and owners and designate a building official and supervisor for each property. A written notice should be sent to the owner and a hearing held with 30 days given to repair, vacate or demolish the building. The owner has the right to appeal. The city attorney's job is to prosecute those who do not comply. Come on city officials, let's do our jobs.

Regard for cyclists

I AM also a commuting cyclist who regularly rides from Jackson to Cape Girardeau via Bainbridge to Route W. Despite blinking red lights in the rear and a bright white headlight, motorists act like I am not even there. I get honked at and am appalled and frightened when motorists pass on hills, corners and bridges with no regard for on coming vehicles. Perhaps leaving five minutes earlier, like a cyclist must do in order to arrive on time, would alleviate the need to speed around cyclists. Please give us a break. We are doing our part to save the planet and staying healthy at the same time.

More than a test

ANY TEACHER who deviates from full-time emphasis on trying to get students to perform better on the MAP test will incur the awful wrath of the administration but, if it's any solace, has my full support.

Hometown shamed

CONGRATS TO Cape Girardeau for becoming the laughingstock of Missouri with the Angel Food Ministry ordeal. I grew up in Cape and moved to St. Louis after I got married. The situation with the church and the city concerning Angel Food became news all over the state. People from all over are shaking their heads in disgust and waving their fingers at the people of my hometown. I am amazed and saddened. What has happened to the beloved city of my youth? What kind of people are living there now? I was planning on moving back with my family, but now I don't know how I can live in a city where powerful people turn their backs on those in need. This has been sad.

All about money

ATTEMPTS AT Broadway renovation in Cape Girardeau reveal nostalgia for the past, hope for the future and a voracious appetite for more pork.

Downtown advice

OLD TOWN Cape: Go to St. Charles, Mo., and other towns that have historic downtowns and are on a riverfront. Right now, that part of Cape Girardeau is a nightmare to drive through, with little or no businesses that would encourage anyone, whether residents or visitors, to frequent. At least clean it up down there.

Thanks for trams

MEMBERS OF American Legion Post 158 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10495 would like to thank Mouser Steel for providing the trams for use in the Veterans Day parade in Jackson. These were used to transport those veterans who were unable to walk in the parade. We appreciate this opportunity to honor those who have sacrificed so much to defend our nation.

Trucks on Lexington

CAN SOMEONE please tell me why huge 18-wheel trucks carrying logs are allowed to use Lexington Avenue to cut from Highway 177 to U.S. 61? They block traffic, damage the streets and leave a trail of trash from the logs in their wake. Why isn't Lexington closed to trucks?

Religious hypocrisy

I WOULD bet anything that those of you who are saying we should tax churches and regulate their works are the same people who would come unglued and scream "separation of church and state" if your local public school began to teach a religion class or assign Bible readings in literature classes. Hypocrites.

Blackout excuse

I WOULD like to comment on the rape and strangling of 9-year-old Rowan Ford. I am a 15-year recovering alcoholic. I have suffered blackouts. Her stepfather uses a blackout as an excuse. A blackout is a blackout. You don't remember it the next day.

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