Speak Out 11/14/07

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Televangelist uproar

Many are in an uproar over the spending habits of televangelists. It is true some have expensive tastes. These are by far a small minority of those who serve God. I am all for financial accountability in the ministry. Those who serve God are accountable first of all to God. They also are accountable to their denomination and to the people of their congregation. It worries me when people say the government should monitor televangelists' spending habits. As long as these people pay their taxes on what they earn, it is none of the state or federal government's business what they spend their earnings on.

Obeying speed limit

In noting the comments about speeding, I'm struck by the fact that people have way more important things to be concerned about than getting there a minute later or speeding tickets. The Bible says that in the last days lawlessness will abound. Try doing the speed limit and see if you ever pass anyone. I'd say fewer than three in 10 motorists actually do the speed limit. If you can't or won't obey the speed limit, you are lawless.

Ethanol efficiency

Ethanol is becoming more efficient every day. Manufacturers are learning methods to get more gallons of ethanol out of every bushel of corn. Corn is being bred to have more starch per bushel and to grow more bushels with less nitrogen fertilizer. As this ethanol process matures, every step in the process is becoming more efficient. Soon car engines will be manufactured that run best on a 10 percent ethanol blend. It will get better.

No relevance

States have no decision-making powers when it comes to matters of war and peace. Characterizing a candidate for state representative as a peace activist is as irrelevant as describing her opponent as a war monger.

College preference

When nine local superintendents ask Mineral Area Community College to provide classes in Cape Girardeau County instead of Three Rivers Community College, it sends an obvious message. Is Three Rivers going to sue them like it frivolously sued Southeast Missouri State University?

Health advocates

Bravo to the Democratic legislators who are continuing to advocate for the people with their new health insurance plan.

Big-money lobbying

The proposed privatization of health care for those with mental-health issues is another example of how much power the big-money health-care lobbying groups have in the government. What happens to those who cannot afford the huge financial burden that such a legislation would have on thousands of Missourians?

Good coverage

Matt Sanders' article on Sahara was well-done. I could not be at the funeral because of illness. Reading this made me feel as if I was there. Thanks.

Wrong watchdog

Although I understand why the televangelists are being investigated, I am concerned about Congress being involved. Since federal legislators don't seem to be able to police themselves, how are they going to know what is right and wrong? Or is it possible they are blind to their own lack of integrity but see it glaring in anyone and everyone else?

Band identity

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Central High School Band for a wonderful competition season. When did the band change its name from the Bengal Lancers? Cape Girardeau is the home of the Tigers. Bengal is a type of tiger. What happened to being the same but having your own identity?

Good pork

It's refreshing that the Missourian presents such a wide range of view on its Opinion page. For example, an editorial cartoon recently criticized Congress for its pork-laden legislation. However, in an editorial a day or two later we read about the benefits to Cape Girardeau of pork. In all fairness, the pork received by Cape and the surrounding area should be differentiated from pork received from other parts of the country, because ours is good, not bad, pork.

Church victory

The complete abdication of the Cape Girardeau City Council to a church seems to contradict David Limbaugh's long-standing contention that government entities are somehow winning a war against religion in America. If anything, the council's decision represents a not insignificant victory for the growing supporters of a theocratic state.

Unsung heroes

I would like to thank Christy Shinn and Beth St. John, choral directors at Jackson High School. The Veterans Day program at Jackson High School was polished, professional and patriotic. Thanks for honoring our heroes. You are unsung heroes yourselves.

An about-face

I am a fairly well-heeled hypocrite. I complained about that church being able to distribute groceries. However, now that it has been determined that the church can proceed with the project, I'm going to start shopping there. Please forgive me.

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