Letter to the Editor

Everything about it was great

Sunday, November 11, 2007

To the editor:I had the pleasure of seeing "Big River" twice. What fun. It was a really good show. All the elements that make a good musical production were there and done well. It was a perfect choice for the premiere show.

The singing was great. I love that in musical theater unique and different voices are welcome. The singers were all strong, especially Huck. He was so good. Joe, Tom and the two con men were perfect for their parts. I'm a nut for good diction, and I could easily understand all the dialogue and singing.

The staging was great. All the areas of the stage were used, and it worked. Having our townspeople play your townspeople was perfect. I'm so glad Mark Twain could make it. Having his eyes watching over everything was great. Have I said enough?

I'm going to call the Bedell Performance Hall our "Little Fox." It's so intimate, so classy and such a great place to watch magic happen. I sat in the upper balcony on Thursday and down in the orchestra on Sunday. Both were great seats. I could see and hear everything.

These directors all bring a big touch of class to our university's theater department. Congratulations. I've said "great" about 100 times, but it was so impressive.

VICKI BOREN, Cape Girardeau