Letter to the Editor

Presidents rely on key advisers

Sunday, November 11, 2007

To the editor:Much is being said about the desirability of electing to the presidency someone who has had experience in managing a business or governmental agency as opposed to someone who had experience in the legislative process. The factions that oppose the election of Hillary Clinton are suggesting that she, being of the latter category, is not an appropriate choice.

I shall have to see the final result of the candidate shakeout before making my presidential choice, but I have not eliminated Senator Clinton from consideration. Anyone, no matter his experience, who anticipates running the executive branch without surrounding himself with advisers and administrators having expertise in various areas pertinent to governance is not merely a fool, but a damned fool.

If President Bush was elected to the Texas governorship on the strength of his experience in running businesses, then truly the Texas electorate were fools themselves. He had experience running various business enterprises -- running them into the ground, by most accounts. If Texas got through his stewardship, I shall not quarrel about giving him credit for it. But much credit must be given those, as well, with whom he surrounded himself.

DONN S. MILLER, Tamms, Ill.