Speak Out 11/10/07

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Churches and rules

I AM tired of churches not having to follow city guidelines. They don't follow the guidelines on putting up signs in their yards. They don't have to pay real estate taxes that would benefit schools. If they did, schools wouldn't be in such poor condition to depend on federal funding. Churches get way too many advantages compared to the private business owner.

One building

THE PEOPLE of Cape Girardeau County were led to believe in the importance of having all government agencies in one secure, earthquake-safe federal building to save on maintaining security, rent and utilities elsewhere in many other buildings. Why isn't that being done? I believe this is a complete and total waste of taxpayers' money.

Caving in

I AM one of many people who are appalled that the mayor and the city council caved in to the demands of an evangelical church and refused to enforce the city zoning ordinances. What good are ordinances if they're not going to be enforced? Since when does calling something a ministry allow a church to break the law? The city council has a lot of explaining to do to people who live in quiet neighborhoods and want to keep it that way.

Favorite comics

PLEASE DON'T ever stop "Blondie" or "Family Circus" or "Peanuts." They are the favorites.

Water over art

ART GALLERIES will bring tourists to Cape Girardeau? I don't so. I might go for a water park or a zoo or something of that nature, but I'm sure not going for an art gallery. If you want tourists to come, build a water park.

Ethanol's future

WITH THE price of crude oil soaring, we need to stop arguing about the pros and cons of ethanol. It may not be the perfect answer, but it will put our future in our own hands, not the hands of a foreign country. America is a great nation capable of producing its own energy. We need to join together to solve our problems.

Magnificent band

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Central High School Marching Tigers on a successful competition year. You represented Central and the community with dignity, style and grace. A special thanks to Mr. Lamar, Mr. Keith and Mr. Casey for an excellent job with the band this year. Cape Central Tigers, you are truly magnificent.

Useless mud flaps

I DON'T know why they put mud flaps on big trucks. They're useless. I just got hit by another rock from a big truck with mud flaps. If they're going to have mud flaps, shouldn't they have something behind them to hold them steady?

County term limits

Elected officials should be term limited. When an elected county official is elected in office for life, the power trip they go on is endless. Unfortunately, people don't run against these officials, who are automatically put in office again. There should be term limits on these positions.

Abortion truth

IT'S HARD to stand up for what is right and the truth when people don't want to hear what makes them uncomfortable. But speak we must. Abortion is still murder, and whether people believe it or not they will stand before God on Judgment Day and have to tell him why they killed one of his creations. There are so many other options. Give the child up for adoption. There are many people who would love to adopt. Never give up the good fight.

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