Speak Out 11/2/07

Friday, November 2, 2007

No Christian threat

IF STUPIDITY had mass, either of the Limbaugh boys would be a black hole all by himself. They are the clueless leading those who choose to be blind. Christianity is under attack by whom? I'm a Christian and have only ever been attacked by other Christians. In fact, many Christians I've encountered don't act much like Christ would. As far as being under attack because of our religious beliefs, we went to Iraq and continue to fuel the terrorism movement to accomplish what, exactly? To set up one fanatical religious faction against another, then rush out and let those Islamic groups destroy each other -- while we harvest their oil and sell them weapons, just like we did in the Iran-Iraq war. Is it religiously motivated? Have we invaded and raided any Christian countries lately? I fought in Desert Storm. No Muslim has ever harmed me or tried to. In fact, my most promising young team leader was Muslim. It made him a better, more consistent soldier than the rest of my squad.

Rich or poor

I HEARD someone on the radio promoting higher taxes for the so-called rich. His reasoning was the Constitution says we are all equal. It's the Declaration of Independence that has a statement like that. The key word is "created." It's the choices we make after being created that build or destroy one's life and make people rich or poor.

Taking the pulse

IT WOULD be wonderful if our mayor and city council members would participate in blog forums. What better way to get the pulse on issues taxpayers are concerned about? On that note, a volunteerism blog would be a wonderful tool for those who would like to make a difference all year long.

Government housing

WHY DOES the Social Security office need a new building when we have a brand-new federal courthouse nearly ready to move in to? Why do our state and federal governments continue to rent buildings all over town? Wouldn't it be cheaper in the long run to construct a state office building and put everyone under one roof instead of throwing all of the taxpayers' money toward rent every month?

Airborne pollutants

SIX HUNDRED ninety tons of airborne pollutants? Where will the prevailing winds take the toxic pollution? Over Cape Girardeau? I think it's time for my family to exit stage right. Quickly.

Rent complaint

RENT PRICES are crazy in the Cape Girardeau area. Any rent over $650 a month is crazy. Some landlords have the nerve to ask for $700 to $1,200 a month and then put restrictions like no pets and no smoking. Honestly, if you pay that kind of rent you should be able to put an elephant in your back yard if you want to, as long as you respect and don't destroy their property. Plenty of room

LET'S PUT the overpopulation claim in perspective. There are approximately 6 billion people in the world today. They could all stand comfortably in Delaware. So let's move on and deal with some real problems.

Making an impression

DRIVING THROUGH Cairo, Ill., recently made me wonder: Why don't the townspeople there make more effort to demolish those empty buildings? Picture an industry coming to Cairo to look it over. It would have to be thinking that, in a town where citizens care so little about their surroundings, there probably would be few good potential employees. Surely it would be hesitant to bring in its own people to live in such an area. It doesn't cost much to clean up the trash.

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