Fan Speak 10/29/07

Monday, October 29, 2007

A good read

JUST WANTED to say that I really enjoyed your article on the girl from Kelly who came back after two ACL surgeries. What an amazing story of will and determination. I hope this girl gets some college scouts to look at her. I for one would be happy to have her on my team. Best of luck to her in all her endeavors. It's nice to see that there are still some young people out there with true grit and determination to achieve their goals.

Thank you, Toby

MY CONGRATULATIONS to sports writer Toby Carrig for addressing the win-loss ratio and disciplinary sanctions on athletes. Over the years, Southeast Missouri State athletics has dropped from a class act to street-ball mentality. Past issues once solved with logic are now solved with violence. Thanks for putting it on paper.

Thank you, Marty

I'D LIKE to thank Marty Mishow for the outstanding article about the football player from Southeast Missouri State, Francisco Perez. It was a great article and just an example of some of the great kids that are in the program right now. Just appreciate the work that he's done.

Let's move down

I see where Southeast Missouri State lost to Murray State. We continue to have losing seasons with our football team at Southeast. The time has come to consider dropping the football team back down to Division II where it can be competive, like it did in the old days. No doubt it takes a lot of money to compete in Division I and I don't believe we have that type of money that is required to compete at the Division I level.

No money for you

I had to laugh as I read Toby Carrig's column about Don Kaverman's fate. I am a Southeast alum who will not support the university until president Kenneth Dobbins is fired or moves on from Southeast. What has Dobbins done to support athletics at the university? Instead of building morale, he overspends students' tuition on a River Campus. How can Kaverman produce high-profile athletics as Carrig wrote if he does not have the support from his president? Carrig was digging for something and maybe he should have dug into the athletics budget.

It's game time

MY DAUGHTER plays basketball for the Cape Central Junior Lady Tigers. It's so sad to see the same six or seven parents show up for the games. Thirteen is a very tough time for young girls. This is the age that they make decisions about peer groups, values, etc. I think it would be great for parents to support their girls. What message do we send as parents when we don't take the time to attend these games?

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