Speak Out 10/28/07

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Buy insurance

THE REASON the government is more willing to spend for missiles than for health insurance is because its main function is to protect citizens from hostile nations and terrorists. You should buy your own health insurance.

Out too late

WHILE DRIVING home from work the other night, I passed the caboose in Scott City. I noticed a bunch of teenagers gathered in the parking lot. It was after midnight. What are these teenagers doing on a school night hanging out so late? This cannot be a good thing. Where are the parents, and why would they let their children stay out so late on a school night? We need a curfew that is enforced in Scott City. These kids should be home no later than 10 p.m.

Running red lights

I BET the Cape Girardeau Police Department could write 100 tickets for running red lights at the Broadway and Kingshighway Intersection weekday mornings. It is ridiculous, and somebody is going to get in a major accident if it is not taken care of.

What 's Limbaugh say?

DAVID LIMBAUGH, we all realize that you are a nationally syndicated columnist and yet you often use controversial community issues in other parts of the country to buttress your arguments. Having said that, there is a controversial issue in your hometown which seems to be begging for and is a perfect fit for your political philosophy. It concerns the controversy concerning a church on Bertling wanting to serve as a food distributor. The city has to this point said this is prohibited by city zoning ordinances. Others say that to prevent the food distribution program is a violation of the First Amendment freedom of religion protection. What say you, Mr. Limbaugh? Some say your position would be that we are a government of laws and not of men and that the church should for the time being defer to the city's position. Others argue that your "theocratic" tendencies would more than tempt you to side with the church, even if it ultimately meant urging the violation of a final ruling against the church by Cape's city council. This is a local issue with potential national and constitutional ramifications. Recognizing your expertise, I think you are somewhat obligated to publicly speak out via your column. Thank you, sir.

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