Speak Out 10/26/07

Friday, October 26, 2007

School boundaries

I THOUGHT your children had to attend the school district in which you live. I would like to ask Scott City and Chaffee schools why it is possible for some of the children in Rockview to attend Scott City School without paying tuition while mine have to attend the Chaffee school.

Great flu shot

I JUST came back from the Osage Community Centre after getting my flu shot. I had to call and say what a nice group you have working out there. They are so helpful and make things so easy for you. Congratulations, people. You are great.

No real increase

I SEE in today's paper that Social Security benefits will rise 2.3 percent starting in January. It's the smallest increase in four years. I wonder if people realize that the Medicare part of the premium is going to rise 3.1 percent. With prices raising each way, people are going backward. They're not going to receive any increase. It's all going to be taken up in medical costs.

End to cooperation

IT LOOKS like 14 years of cooperation between Jackson and Cape Girardeau are going down the tubes. The cooperative air that was refreshing in local government is gone. The bottom line is simple. Mayor Jay Knudtson and Mayor Barbara Lohr do not get along, and they both are guilty of not cooperating. What happened to the years of progress and cooperation between these two great cities? It's a great example of how quickly a good thing can be gone.

No-win situation

LAST YEAR we were told that ethanol would end our dependence on foreign oil and gasoline prices would come down. Gas hasn't come down much, but anything that is related to corn is going up dramatically. Milk and most other foods are much more expensive. What was supposed to save us is strangling us to death. How much would gas have to come down to make up for the increases in all the other prices? We can't win.

Lesson plans

I AM a substitute in both the Cape Girardeau and Jackson school districts. Some substitutes don't follow the lesson plans. I do, but half the time they're a joke, a fill-in activity. One Cape teacher has given me the same packet of handouts every time I've subbed for him for the past couple of years. Last year, I subbed for him at least four times. Of course, the students didn't take the handouts seriously because they knew what was going on. They told me he threw the handouts away in front of the first-hour class the day he returned. I told the principal this created discipline issues because the students didn't care about their work. Some Jackson teachers are not much better. There are good plans left by some teachers at both schools, but they're the exception.

Move On DoT org

Get off MoDOT's back.

It takes too much flak.

If you don't approve

Then pack up and move.

Concert nudity

I WAS disappointed in Rodney Carrington's Saturday night concert. Girls everywhere were flashing their breasts. Whoever was in charge of the lighting encouraged this. If there was going to be nudity we should have been warned. How can they do that?

Incredible honor

I WAS thrilled to read that the new state command sergeant major for Missouri is from Cape Girardeau. What an incredible honor to be chosen as the top enlisted person in the state. It was quite sad, however, to find this article condensed and buried in the back of the paper instead of on the front cover where it deserved to be.

Rule inequity

ATHLETES AT Central High School are required to sign an agreement that while representing their school they will not consume alcohol at any time. Other inappropriate behavior is also prohibited as these students are role models for the entire student body. It should be noted that cheerleaders, band members and dance team members also fall under these guidelines. Recently, the rules have not been applied equitably. The administration should be accountable as to why this has occurred.

Not accountable

SEVERAL YEARS ago my wife and I attended the initial meeting held by the Cape Girardeau School District to coordinate efforts to get a bond issue passed to build a new high school. We were told that it was imperative that a new high school, not a new middle school, be built. The main reason given, over and over, was that the sports programs are the venue by which people judge a school district most of the time. We were told it was essential that we have a better-looking high school with nice-looking sports facilities. Taxpayers gave the district the better facility. When are we going to get better sports programs? When is the much-needed housecleaning in our football and baseball programs going to commence? I would think the school board should be ashamed, but board members have proven they will say anything or do anything, except be accountable to the taxpayers, to get what they want.

No advance warning

IT WOULD have been nice if the U.S. Postal Service had informed customers before removing the stamp machines.

Ministry research

I RESEARCHED Angel Food Ministry to find it is a not-for-profit ministry where the $25 fee covers costs with $1 going to the host church's missions. This is not a retail business and would be no different from a church charging a fee to cover costs for a food pantry, prayer breakfast, supper or other similar program. I also know that permits and licenses fall under tax ordinances that would be improper or illegal for city government to impose on a church. I also researched for community or citizen complaints, and Cape Girardeau is the only city in the United States (Angel Food Ministries operates in all 50 states) that appears to have issue with this. To the church I would suggest continuing the mission while reviewing the way the food is distributed. To the city I would suggest looking at ways to assist the church in finding a neighborhood solution.

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