Speak Out 10/23/07

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not a ministry

I KEEP seeing the grocery sales by Christ Church of the Heartland referred to as a worthy cause for the needy. It is not for the needy. It is for anyone with money to buy the groceries. By the church's definition of a ministry, Aldi is a ministry. It sells groceries at a lower price than average. The church not only operates a retail grocery business, but it also is the distributor for all the Angel Food outlets in the area, creating further truck traffic.

Taking my money

I NEED help. I am tired of my hard-earned money being taken away from me in the form of income redistribution. That's money that should go to me and my family. I went to school for a long time and work hard for that money. My money is given to a segment of the population that has a large percentage of underachievers and failures. I see those who are on food stamps buying frozen pizzas, potato chips, junk food and other unhealthy items. These food choices lead to heart disease, obesity and diabetes. When they get sick, they want the government to help with universal health care. Whatever happened to taking pride in yourself and making the most out of life?

Explain the shrapnel

OK, BRIAN McGough is a phony soldier. He never served in Iraq. He washed out of boot camp. He is a disgrace to the uniform. All this according to Rush Limbaugh. But let me ask a question that might take Rush Limbaugh listeners for a loop: How did Brian McGough get a piece of shrapnel in his head?

Teachers' stress

I HAVE a problem with the comment regarding substitutes not following lesson plans. Yes, teachers get two personal days, most of the summer off, three days for Thanksgiving and, if they're lucky, almost two weeks for Christmas. However, that is not enough to deal with the stress, attitude and disrespect from some of the students on a daily basis. I am a parent as well as a substitute teacher. I follow the required material that the teacher supplies in his/her absence. If parents teach our children to respect themselves as well as other people, we can give our children the opportunity to get the education needed. The time children use to distract and disrespect a classroom is robbing the teacher, other children and themselves the benefit of a good education. Let's not shift the blame on the teachers, who are here to help your child, not hurt your child.

Substituting issues

AS A substitute teacher, I always follow the lesson plans laid out by the teachers I sub for. Most of those teachers' absences are for in-service training. There is enough blame to go around without anyone making a sad attempt to leave it all at the feet of teachers. Spend a day as a substitute and see some of these kids, certainly in action). Then tell readers that substitutes and lesson plans are the problem.

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