Speak Out 01/12/04

Monday, January 12, 2004

City needs an oasis

THE OSAGE Community Centre is the pearl of the city. But it's not the responsibility of municipal taxpayers to fund recreational complexes and activities. Many cities do, and this is what draws people to these cities. An assessment needs to be made of which parks aren't being used. Maybe one or two could be closed. It is wise for the city to have some oases in this city for people to go and relax and enjoy or physically exercise and keep fit.

Big utility bill

I HAD planned on trying to have a happy new year, but I received my utility bill on New Year's Eve. Sorry to say, that ruined it. It's the highest utility bill we have ever paid since we've been since we've been married over 50 years. This bill doubled from one month to next. I called in about it and was told there was nothing the utility company can do about it. What are people who are retired and on Social Security to do?

Speedy assistance

I AGREE with the Southeast Missourian editorial supporting the wonderfully humane act of sending help to the earthquake victims in Iran. This is something that our country does well, and we are blessed to be able to do these things around the world. However, I find it ironic that the personnel and supplies arrived in Iran within a 24-hour period. I recall that it took over a week to cut through the government bureaucracy to get equipment to the fires in California. If our government was as quick to help the American taxpayer as it is to assist others around the world, maybe some of the homes would have been saved and some of the lives spared from the mudslides.

City should cut

MAYOR KNUDTSON, please stop trying to convince us to vote yes on tax increases. Many of us are taxed out. We have cut all we can. The well is dry. We'd like to vote yes for many of the things the city proposes, but we have been there for the city as long as we have been able. Now it's time for the city to do some brainstorming and at least make an effort to show us taxpayers it can make cuts. We'd gladly give up some services to cut the operating budget. We are all in this together.

Sensible councilman

I WATCHED the city council meeting, and I will have to say that Jay Purcell is the only council member who showed any common sense toward the expenditures of the city and what they should and should not do about them. It's obvious to me that all that Mayor Jay Knudtson and the rest of the council are concerned about is trying to get more tax revenue without trying to trim the fat where they can. I guarantee you there are many areas that can be trimmed. I would hope Purcell runs for mayor.

Cold-weather walk

MY SON came home from Central Junior High School and said he was really cold because students have to walk from the cafeteria to the gym across the parking lot. They aren't allowed to go inside the building because teachers don't want them walking in the halls while classes are in session. And students aren't allowed to wear their coats all day because it's a security problem. We're in the middle of cold and flu season. Let the students get their coats. I shouldn't have to call the school about something as obvious as this.

Send them home

THIS IDEA of giving illegal aliens amnesty is crazy. They're illegal. That means it was against the law for them to come here. We ought to send them home. I wish the president would be stronger enforcing our own rights.

Obedience to God

I DON'T think people should move to our country without a good moral foundation. It's more than just love and society. There is obedience to God's laws.

School menu

I'M SURE schools can come up with better food. On Monday Jackson schools served bologna and cheese sandwiches. We don't even eat that at home. Also on the menu were steamed carrots and sweet rice. I bet all the kids were standing in line for that. Tuesday's barbecue rib dippers reminds you of fast food. On Friday it's a hot dog on a bun.

Speeding on bridge

I'M CALLING about the speeding on the highway between Missouri and Illinois over the bridge. It's extremely fast. If Cape Girardeau wants to get revenue for the police department, the police need to be doing something about it. It's amazing how fast these people drive through there. It needs to be watched and stopped.

Support for police

THE PERSON who believes the police should drive 250,000 miles per car should realize the police department is there to assist in time of need. What if that 250,000-mile car broke down while he's bleeding to death after a horrible accident? Vehicles break down. And while the police vehicles receive excellent care, at 250,000 miles things tend to wear out. When it comes to giving the police money, I'm giving an immediate yes every time. My life could depend on it.

Where does it stop?

OK, LET'S allow two men or two women to get married. Next let people have more than one spouse. I was madly in love with my aunt's college-age neighbor when I was 13 -- I mean, love is love, right? Why stop there? I really love my dog. I think I'll marry him. This is ridiculous. There is a reason God ordained one man-one woman marriages 6,000 ago in the garden of Eden. The morals and values of this country have eroded away to nothing. Let's throw out right and wrong. Heaven forbid we might offend someone.

Arm the pilots

I DON'T understand what all the fuss is all about regarding arming commercial pilots. Sept 11, 2001, proved that airplanes can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Some in Congress are advocating spending millions of dollars to equip every plane with technology that may or may not prevent another terrorist attack. We would be much better off allowing properly trained pilots and crew members to carry a weapon.

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