Letter to the Editor

Tourney success - Ross deserves most of credit

Monday, January 12, 2004

To the editor:

The recently completed 10th annual indoor soccer tournament was another rousing success. Players, coaches, parents and fans continue to be treated to a high-level, regionally recognized soccer tournament.

Ten years is a long time. Imagine how many players and fans have gone through the turnstiles. Many of those first-year tournament players contributed to Central High School's soccer success in the state playoffs and will go on to play for college soccer programs throughout the United States.

The tournament's success is the direct result of the efforts of one man: David Ross. His tireless efforts operationally, logistically and financially are the key reasons for the success and longevity of the tournament. Ross has made it happen. Certainly the support of the tournament sponsors and countless volunteers over the years has been instrumental in the success. However, Ross is the reason the tournament exists. The visibility for Cape Girardeau and the Show Me Center and the economic impact for the area's hotels and restaurants in the post-holiday season is also much needed and appreciated.

Coach Ross, thank you.


Cape Girardeau