Letter to the Editor

City's decisions leave bad taste for some voters

Monday, January 12, 2004

To the editor:

I have found it increasingly difficult to put any confidence in our city leaders, given their history of poor decision making and lack of leadership. They continue to run the city as they please while trying to make it sound like they have the voters' concerns at heart.

Again we find the council pleading to the residents of Cape Girardeau that they don't have enough money to provide basic essential services and that we need to increase taxes. Like one of your readers stated, the many parks within the city get mowed, but we don't have enough money to equip and staff emergency service departments?

My recommendation to the council is to evaluate city budget spending and determine whether it would be more important to maintain a park that a few people use or buy some much needed fire equipment. Or whether it would have been more prudent not to hire a municipal judge at such an increased salary or to have increased the salary of our police officers.

When some of these decisions are made, it makes me suspect of the city council's goals and foresight.

I don't see the taxpayers of this city giving any more money, sunset provision or not, until the council learns to better manage what it has.


Cape Girardeau