Speak Out 10/21/07

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Real issue?

IF I read the article correctly, Christ Church of the Heartland has been participating in the Angel Food Ministry for about four years. Since the neighbors only recently started complaining, I would like to know what the real issue is. Is the real issue the fact that the church is growing and expanding on its own property? If the real issue is concerns about noise and traffic, why are neighbors not complaining about the nearby apartment complex? Surely the apartments generate more noise and traffic than the church does once a month.

Tarnished prize

AL GORE winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his movie efforts to protect the environment is like Adolf Hitler winning a prize for population control. Both made assertions to others, in order to win their favor and get them to agree with their world view, that were based on half-baked science and downright half-truths. There were many candidates for that prize who were more deserving. The Nobel Prize has become another useless, meaningless award whose recipients win based upon media coverage and political influence, not on any real substance or accomplishment by the recipient. How sad.

MAP recognition

MY STUDENT was awarded last week for achieving the advanced level on the MAP test at Jackson Junior High School. It is nice to see something positive come out of the MAP. Thank you, Jackson Junior High School, for recognizing all these hard-working students.

Blowing in the wind

BOB DYLAN wrote the song "Blowing in the Wind" in which one verse says, "How many deaths does it take till he knows too many people have died?" This is a good question for Congress. How many are enough? How many barrels of oil is a soldier worth? How much money is enough? Do we really need for our soldiers to die to give us a 20 percent return on our investments? The answer is not blowing in the wind. It is in Congress and the morals of our nation.

Thanks for picnic

I WOULD like to thank the Millersville Fire Department for its picnic. It was nice to see how they remembered the firefighters from 30 years ago. My husband was one of them, and my grandkids got to see pictures of him. It was nice. Thank you.

Plot for failure

THE ANTI-WAR crowd in Congress has found a roundabout way to cause our defeat in Iraq. Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the war opponents plan to pass a resolution condemning Turkey, our ally, for genocide against Armenians nearly a century ago. Turkey is rightly outraged. If the resolution is passed, Turkey may rescind its support of our efforts by no longer allowing us to use air bases in Turkey as resupply points for our forces. In war, logistics support is the most vital element. You can do all the tactical and strategic planning possible, but without logistical support for your ops, you will fail. Study, for example, Germany in the Battle of the Bulge. The upshot of all this is, thanks to Pelosi and her Democrat friends, we may soon see more of our brave fighting men and women die and lose this war.

Look at Saudis

WHEN IS America going to wake up? It's not the Iraqis we should be fighting. It's the Saudis. Saudis were the main terrorists on 9/11. They have been blackmailing the U.S. with oil since way back in the 1970s. The royal Saudi family is using the U.S. as a security blanket to buy their gold-plated cars and have lavish lifestyles. Now oil is $88 a barrel.

Thanks for wallet

I WOULD like thank the mail carrier on South Sprigg Street. He saw me drop my wallet coming out of a gas station and quickly alerted me. Thanks.

Data on fatalities

REPORTS FOUND on the Centers for Disease Control Web site state the average number of fatalities every year due to dog attacks (all dogs, not just pit bulls) is 16. The same agency reports gun-related fatalities as 32,436 a year. This does not include people that have killed other people by strangulation, suffocation, beating, bludgeoning, burning and stabbing. Sixteen deaths a year versus 32,436 deaths per year, yet people are calling dogs vicious, dangerous and bloodthirsty. I would be more concerned about a neighbor walking around with a loaded gun than two pit bulls.

Time for opposition

IN THE last congressional election, I thought I voted for a Republican. However our congresswoman continues to vote with the Democrats. I think it's time she faces some serious primary competition.

Need chip and seal

WE NEED chip and seal, because the plan is to pave county roads that don't deserve to be paved. If we're going to pave dead-end roads that have little traffic, we should not spend any more money than we really have to. We should be paving the roads that deserve to be paved. If we're going to pave driveways for people, let's use chip and seal.

Classroom time

THE STUDENTS at Central Junior High were given manuals to help in math, which I am thankful for because for three school days the math class has been decorating doors for a spirit contest instead of valuable classroom time. But who cares, right? The school board doesn't listen to the parents, but the board wants us to be involved. Last week, the school had a fire drill. Now there is another one this week to impress the fire department. I have an idea. Why doesn't the school try to impress students and parents by teaching? Maybe students would learn and quit failing.

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