Speak Out 10/20/07

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Need mediators

THE RECENT shooting at a Cleveland school is a perfect example of why we need psychologists at the Cape middle, junior high and senior high schools. Without mediators to stop this vicious cycle, violence will escalate. Yes, it may be the parents' job to be there for a place to go and vent. But let's face it, most children who resort to violence have no one to turn to. We need mediators to stop this downward and violent cycle.

Southeast relevance

I'M CALLING in regard to the announcement about Southeast Missouri State University offering a ghost-hunting class. The university's competitors -- SIU, UMKC, Arkansas State, Missouri State -- are offering law schools, pharmacy schools and engineering schools. Add the ghost-hunting class to the River Campus where we're training people to be band directors rather than some of the real needs of our area, and I wonder about the relevance of Southeast in the future.

Helps with budget

I RECEIVED groceries from the Christ Church of the Heartland. It helps my low budget. It gives me a variety of meats I wouldn't get otherwise. I recently cooked pork loin, which I've never fixed before. I'm looking forward to the fajitas that I've never eaten. I know God will bless this church for its hard work doing God's will. As for the individuals working so hard to close it down, may God bless all of you well-off people. People pick up their food between 5 and 7 p.m. That's only two hours that there are many cars there, and they really don't have to wait long to pick it up.

Church business

OTHER CHURCHES have meals and charge for them. Are they restaurants? Some churches charge for wedding ceremonies. Are they running a wedding service? If you go after Christ Church of the Heartland, you're setting a horrible precedent. I hope the people who got so upset realize that their churches could be next.

Great halftime

JACKSON HAD a wonderful halftime performance at the football game Friday. It was one of the best I've ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Highway suggestion

I THINK there's something Cape Girardeau could do to beautify the city. That ugly fencing along Highway 74 could be replaced with attractive fencing or decorative concrete barriers. They would not only be more pleasing to the eye, but could also serve as sound barriers for the residents who live in that area. Many people commute through Cape Girardeau on their way to Illinois, and I would like for them to be left with a better impression.

Thanks for road work

I WANT to thank the road crews that repaired the paved road that runs along the side of BioKyowa. It is so much safer and so much smoother. I appreciate you taking care of this.

Social workers?

I READ with interest the article about Central High School expanding its school day. Maybe principal Mike Cowan needs to think about hiring social workers like the Jackson schools. It sounds like the class he's trying to propose is more on that line. We also have accountability issues. We can keep spoon-feeding the students when they're expected to step through the high school doors and do what they're supposed to do. Maybe the alternative school needs to step up. Maybe the school should have night classes for these students so the parents can attend. These are all valid points. Maybe they need to think about those things first. There already are rules about for bullying and sexual harassment.

Best candidate

JONAH GOLDBERG makes several excellent points in his column about how Ronald Reagan was the right president for the 1980s. What he doesn't mention, however, is that there is a Republican candidate for president today who would be a perfect fit for 2009 and beyond. His name is Dr. Ron Paul, an ob/gyn and multiterm congressman from Texas. Paul, who has delivered more than 4,000 babies, has the strongest pro-life credentials of any candidate, and he embodies the leadership quality that made Reagan so popular. But unlike most of the GOP hopefuls, Paul realizes the invasion and occupation of Iraq has been a tragic mistake. Unlike our current president, Paul would uphold the Constitution after he's sworn in as president.

Stinking smokers

FOR THE life of me, I can't figure out why anybody would want to buy a brand-new car and smoke in it. Smoking is so nasty. It stinks your car up and stinks your clothes up. You people who smoke don't think you stink, but you do.

Great paved walk

THE NEWLY paved walk around the lake at the Jackson City Park is great. Thanks. Way to go.

Loyal to Bush

TO THE person who is concerned about U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson voting with the Democrats: Don't be alarmed. Emerson has voted for President Bush's programs 94 percent of the time.

Sense of values

REGARDING THE "No GOP values" comment: This is one Republican who happens to admire U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson for voting her heart and her conscience. I think it's high time that the Republican Party be taken back by people with a clear sense of values and not be controlled by people with far-right agendas.

Real character

WHAT HAS Al Gore's co-winning Nobel Peace Prize got to do with peace? Previous winners of this award include terrorists and murderers such as Arafat and others and a president who almost ruined our country, Jimmy Carter. The Nobel Peace Prize was started by a man who invented an explosive. Gore is the same person who claimed to invent the Internet. He was a staunch supporter of pro-life for years. but to get the vice presidency, he accepted abortion to be on Bill Clinton's ticket. That takes real character.

Thanks to road crew

I WOULD like to say thanks to all the men who were working on County Road 439. They were friendly and tried to please everyone. Thanks to all of you.

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