Scott City Council to decide on Youth League contract

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Scott City Council should make its decision on the city's contract with the not-for-profit Scott City Youth League tonight, putting an end to weeks of argument over whether or not the league should continue to administer the city's youth sports program.

The dispute began two weeks ago when the Scott City Park Board informed the city council of its intentions to cancel the city's lease with the youth league. Since 2000 the lease has provided the league with the use of city park facilities. This year the park board cited many problems with the youth league, from dirty bathrooms to poorly staffed concession stands, as reasons for wanting to cancel the lease. The board also talked about possibly taking over the city's youth baseball and softball leagues, administering those leagues with the help of a league manager and a coalition of parents.

But only the city council can make the final decision on the contract.

Youth league leadership says the league, made up of parents of children in the leagues, has more incentive to run the leagues in a way that will most benefit their children.

Tonight's meeting takes place at 7 p.m. at city hall, 618 Main St. in Scott City.

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