Speak Out 10/15/07

Monday, October 15, 2007

Let the church help

I'M CALLING about the Angel Food Network. Ask the people who are complaining about the traffic created when the church helps people if they know how it feels to be hungry, not to have enough food to feed your family. People need to stop being so selfish and let the church help people like God wants it to.

They need help

I DON'T think it's fair that Pastor Jack Strong doesn't get any more help and support from our country and state to get food for people who need it. There are too many people who can't afford food because the utility bills are too high.

Paying for meals

MYSTERIOUS THINGS happen. My wife and I went to a restaurant in Jackson for Sunday dinner a few weeks ago. When we were ready to leave, a waitress informed us our meal was paid for by an anonymous person. This has happened four more times, same time, same place. We do not know who is responsible, but we want this person to know we truly appreciate the free meals. Since we have no idea who is responsible, we cannot thank this individual in person. We want him to know his kindness and generosity are truly appreciated.

Public forum

I WOULD like to comment on Mayor Cheryle Dillon and the board members of McClure, Ill. I recently attended a meeting and was appalled at the behavior of a few of the members. Questions asked by the public should be answered in a controlled and mannerly way, not like they are in a shouting match to see who can win. We have real concerns, and those concerns should be handled in such a way that the mayor and board members look like they know what they are talking about. They should explain things and help us. There should not be a public forum if they don't want to hear what we have to say.

Church traffic

I BELIEVE a church should be zoned R-4, which includes medical clinics and hospitals. I cannot image that the church's not-for-profit food distribution one day a month would generate more traffic than medical facilities.

Slow on Snake Hill

I WOULD like to tell people traveling to and from Snake Hill on County Road 645 to slow down. I asked the Cape Girardeau County Special Road District to put up signs to alert motorists about children playing, and the district was glad to put two of them up. So would everyone please slow down along this road before an innocent child gets hurt?

Follow your dreams

I BELIEVE it to be unspeakable to pigeonhole a young mind in occupational brainwashing. I believe a person should expand his mind by exploring everything possible, but most of all pursue what you love. Then one is most valuable to a society.

Keep the parking

CAPE GIRARDEAU better not remove any on-street parking to put in bike lanes. Since bikers have the same right to the road, they can go around a parked car just as easy as a car can.

Equally poor

THE PERSON extolling the virtues of European socialism needs to do some research. Most European economies are in the tank, and governments are being forced to eliminate many of their giveaway programs because they can't pay for them. The one exception is Ireland, which drastically cut personal and corporate taxes and moved toward the free-enterprise system. Today, Ireland is the fastest-growing economy in Europe. If you want socialism, vote for a Democrat. Then everyone will be equal -- equally poor, that is.

Wasting our money

THE REASON Cape Girardeau County didn't get bids is because chip and seal is no good and won't hold up. Why is the county wasting our money? If I had it to do over, I wouldn't vote for the sales-tax increase if I knew the county was going to waste money like this. I do not appreciate my tax money being wasted. The county should not chip and seal any gravel road.

Terrible sound

WHAT IS the deal with the public-address system at Houck Stadium? I went to the Central-Jackson game, and the sound was terrible. You would think the university would have a lot better sound at their football games. Somebody ought to look into that.

Totally lost

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS isn't a hero. It is quite impossible to "discover" an inhabited land. You may "locate" an inhabited land, but I'm pretty sure the people already having lived there for countless generations would not consider themselves "discovered." What Columbus did was get more lost than any other man in history. Perhaps that is worth a federal holiday. If so, I beat him on my last trip to St. Charles. However, I was eventually smart enough to pull my compass out of my glove compartment.

Higher power

I BELIEVE those who oppose the food ministry of Christ Church of the Heartland ought to tread lightly in their complaining. While the opposition may have the municipal code on its side, the church is backed by a much higher, ultimate power.

No GOP values

DOESN'T IT make anybody besides me furious that our so-called Republican U.S. representative, Jo Ann Emerson, keeps voting with the Democrats on important Republican issues like the Iraq war funding bill and the child health care bill? She has absolutely no Republican values.

A sad day

REGARDING CHRIST Church of the Heartland's distribution of groceries through the Angel Food ministry: I live on Sylvan Lane and have no problem with it. It is only once a month, and I have never encountered any traffic problems. It is a sad day when my neighbors and city officials would keep the church from helping people less fortunate than them.

Who will help now?

WHERE IS the compassion for the less fortunate? There are a lot of senior citizens who depend on the Angel Food ministry. Who is going to help us now? The people at the church are wonderful to those of us who have much less than the people on Sylvan Lane.

Helping with food

EVEN PRESIDENT Bush has said churches need to take more responsibility in helping the poor. I find it hard to believe that a handful of people and a few city officials could and would stop the distribution of the Angel Food groceries to people less fortunate. There are a lot of in-between people who don't get food stamps, but don't have a lot of money. Shame on the ones responsible for putting a stop to this.

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