Out of the past 10/12/07

Friday, October 12, 2007

25 years ago: Oct. 12, 1982

ROLLA, Mo. -- With the exception of how to achieve a balanced budget, the third debates between the candidates for the 8th District congressional seat last night produced no new issues; Republican Rep. Bill Emerson called for a constitutional amendment for a balanced federal budget, while his Democratic challenger, state Rep. Jerry Ford, contended a balanced budget can't be legislated.

The Jackson School Board votes to spend a maximum of $500 for the local campaign and to send $750 to the state campaign committee for passage of Proposition C, which would raise the state sales tax by one cent.

50 years ago: Oct. 12, 1957

Safe crackers use explosives early in the morning to blast the door off the safe in the office of the Prill-Hahs Motor Co. at Jackson, fleeing with $302.82 in and checks.

The third of nine contracts awarded or to be awarded for construction on the floodwall will be completed today, when William Crumpecker and Sons of Morehouse, Mo., finish foundation work for a section of the wall to extend northward to the shoe factory from the old mill building.

75 years ago: Oct. 12, 1932

William Clark Russell, 62, prominent Cape Girardeau lawyer and law partner of Sen. R.L. Dearmont, dies at his apartment in Cape Girardeau, an hour after he is stricken while arguing a motion in federal court.

Having talked with Denver M. Wright about his plans to hold a lion hunt, Frank D. Hequembourg, district game warden at Charleston, Mo., is making his own plans to protect the safety of the people and livestock in Mississippi County; Hequembourg was told that the scene of the hunt will be a five-mile tract of virgin timberland about 15 miles south of Charleston.

100 years ago: Oct. 12, 1907

Work has begun in Jackson on the waterworks system; the task of digging the trenches for the water mains was begun, and workers have begun laying the pipe.

A letter printed in The Daily Republican from Louis Houck calls attention to a "dastardly scheme to sell the present fairgrounds in the interest of a real estate syndicate."

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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