Speak Out 10/12/07

Friday, October 12, 2007

Free to choose

I HAVE read two or three comments about placing students -- channeling, some call it -- in career paths at an early age. Are you out of your mind? If you want that much government control of your life, move to China or Cuba or North Korea. Here we tend to lean toward allowing our citizens to make decisions for themselves. You may test a child and determine he or she has an aptitude for medicine. This, however, does not make anyone a good physician. People are most productive and successful when doing what they enjoy.

Political history

I WAS appalled at some of the comments from history teachers about Christopher Columbus. Their job is to teach history. If, historically speaking, there was a plague that wiped out one-third of the population, teach that there was a plague that wiped out one-third of the population. Leave personal politics out of it. From the point of view of Old Europe at that time, Columbus discovered a new land, one that was not on maps. Whether knowledge of that land had been forgotten or not is not the issue. That there were people here already is not the issue. That the society that grew out of his discovery turned, for too long a time, to slavery, is not the issue. Historically, he found a new land and paved the way for the foundation of our nation. That's what children should be learning in history class. Check your personal politics at the door, please.

Listen to the show

IF YOU insist on making derogatory remarks about Rush Limbaugh, his show and something he said, at least do him the common courtesy of listening to his show so you know what was said. He did not call soldiers who oppose the war phonies. He was speaking about a specific person who, by the way, is going to jail for impersonating a wounded soldier and trying to bilk the VA out of disability money. The people who should be embarrassed are in the media and Congress for their outright lies about the exchange between Rush and the caller that led to all this hoopla.

Great job in Jackson

I WENT to "Lunch Reservations" at Jackson Junior High School on Friday. What a great job the student council did seating and filling drinks. The Tech Hounds also did a great job grilling. All of the proceeds went to the United Way. Great job, Jackson Junior High School.

Three great things

I THINK the three best things going for living in Jackson would be 1. the women at the post office, 2. the women in the video department at Riverside library, and 3. the marvelously uplifting messages on the sign at the Presbyterian Church.

Perfect candidate

THE OXFORD Research Group recently released a study showing that the war on terrorism has fueled more terrorism than there would have been. Why haven't the presidential candidates recognized this? The perfect candidate would be a Republican who wants to end the war in Iraq and defend the U.S. at home. Where is this candidate? Giuliani, Thompson and Romney have all been fooled by the terrorists to stir up violence in the Mideast, and this will come back to hurt America in the long run. I'll have to take a closer look at the lesser known candidates.

Food prices at stake

WHILE PRESIDENT Bush brags about the crackdown on illegal aliens, the Department of Labor is in the process of liberalizing the rules so farmers can continue to use illegals. Consumers should support this, lest food prices go through the roof.

Poor street condition

I THINK the condition of Independence Street from Kingshighway to West End Boulevard is an embarrassment. This is a high-traffic street that is in poor condition. I can't recall any road work on this street for several years.

Paying dividends

TWELVE YEARS ago, the stock market index was 3,000. Today the index is over 14,000. Can't we agree that investors have received more than their fair share of America's wealth? It is time the working poor be given financial relief in the form of health care. If an annual tax credit were mandated to be used by those in need to be used to purchase private health insurance for their families, perhaps our differences could be overcome and the much needed protection for America's backbone, the workers, would be realized. Corporations receive welfare and earmarks to build their business. Why can't the hard-working, productive American worker receive his dividends?

Great big photos

WHEN YOU like and appreciate something, say so. So here it is. I can hardly wait to see the latest giant photograph on the Missourian's front page. They have been spectacular, each one deserving a blue ribbon. The new look got underway big time during the SEMO District Fair and continues to surprise readers with interesting, illustrated stories. Friday's Central High School band picture on the field at Houck Stadium is a classic.

Comics tell stories

I AGREE "Funky Winkerbean" hasn't been very funny, but it wasn't meant to be. It has been telling a story that unfortunately has been playing out in homes all across our country. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The comic strip is another way to open people's eyes to the effects of a horrible sickness. Some of the other comics are also telling stories, like "For Better or Worse" with the grandfather's stroke.

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